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The Best Online Resources for COVID Quarantine and Isolation Period

Despite all of the dangers and threats that this pandemic poses, we all finally get the time that we’ve always lacked.

COVID-19 is one of the major healthcare challenges the world has ever faced. The routine lives of billions of people throughout the world have been disrupted, forcing them all self-isolate and stay at home waiting for the storm to calm down. As months continue to pass with relatively little success in tackling the disease, people become concerned about the new reality they will have to accept and adjust to.

With the right resources for quarantine, this time can be effectively used for self-education, professional development, and training. You can finally start and finish online classes that you must have purchased several months ago or obtained the skills you need for promotion in your career.

Thus, the first thing many of you would seek is high-quality but free educational resources to maximize your learning outcomes during COVID. In this article, we are going to list several of the best quarantine resources for students, kids, and people seeking new knowledge.

Resources for Students

To support students during this crisis, Coursera opened free access to a large number of its courses offering students forced to stay at home an alternative to continue their learning. This platform is a pool of knowledge where you can get high-quality education on a wide range of subjects without even leaving your home. As a student, you now have a chance to get a certificate while studying absolutely for free.

Udemy cannot boast with the same number of free courses as Coursera can. Yet, Udemy is one of the best and most recognized learning platforms too. You can find free educational resources there by visiting the Udemy Free Resource Center. These courses are aimed at providing students with technical skills and self-improvement needed at every school.

FutureLearn is dedicated to providing help in learning wherever you are. The platform offered lots of free online courses from the leading educational institutions before the coronavirus. Today, affordability and variability have become its most notable advantages. Whether you need to learn something on the subject or advance your professional skills, FutureLearn is there for you.

edX is one of the most recognized platforms that offer online courses to students. It hosts courses developed by such universities as Harvard, MIT and other institutions. They all are offered for free. If you want to learn anything from Python to Physical Health, try surfing edX to find the best course.

Useful Resources Just for Kids

BrainPop is a wonderful platform where your kids can learn through the gaming experience. The website offers various information resources on Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health & SEL, Engineering & Tech, and New & Trending. It also hosts around 1,000 animated movies combined with quizzes and other evaluation materials that cover different fields. Learning with BrainPop is nothing but an adventure.

FunBrain is an amazing platform that is designed for kids but can be useful and interesting for the entire family. It is focused primarily on educating math and reading for children in grades 1 to 8. There are lots of video files, quizzes, and games available to kids on this resource.

This website provides universal educational services to kids, offering them exciting ways of learning. If you wonder how you can make your children interested in learning, introduce Turtle Diary to them. Its activities are nothing but fun. They would definitely immerse your kid, providing them with measurable learning outcomes from the high-quality gaming experience.

No child would reject an offer to travel to space and back. NASA has made it possible. Thanks to its Kids Club, millions of children can learn things about space online on the platform with excellent graphics and gaming experience. This is truly the best way you make your child interested in learning astronomy and physics with all the advanced technologies at hand.

Storybird is known among new writers for an opportunity to gather a readership by publishing short serial stories. Yet, teachers also use it to publish their learning materials. Today, it hosts over 700 lessons, quizzes, prompts, and other tasks that can spark an interest in education in your child.

Skills Building and At-Home Learning

If you have a passion for learning new languages and cultures, you will definitely enjoy the opportunity provided by Duolingo. You can study any language you’d like at your own pace with a gamified learning experience. There are no deadlines or time constraints. The website and app are intended to immerse you in the learning process.

If your passion is sports and you want to stay active during the quarantine, you should definitely visit Yoga International. Currently, they offer a month of trial period so you can try whether yoga is your thing and learn its basics for free. Once you register, you find lots of videos categorized based on your expertise level. It is definitely worth trying especially when the government prevents people from getting physical exercise in the parks.

Audible also contributes to raising awareness of people during coronavirus. It has launched Audible Stories where children, teens, and young adults can access audiobooks for free as long as the pandemic persists. The service is intended to support teachers, parents, and kids while the schools, colleges, and universities are closed.

If you miss going out and traveling, Google Arts & Culture has something for you. You can access the platform absolutely for free and tour any museum that is listed on its database. No limits. These tours would be especially interesting for people excited about the history, arts, and culture of various people across the world.

Help and Awareness Resources

It is hard to assess the incoming information critically when there is so much fake news and misunderstanding about COVID-19. WHO has launched lots of different courses, striving to raise awareness on the topic among people. Anyone can access these courses for free from the official WHO website.

If you feel that you need more information about the threat of COVID-19 and your authorities fail to provide it, it is reasonable to visit the WebMD website. It has trusted content that is regularly updated based on information that comes from reliable resources and is evidence-based.

Given the fact that coronavirus is dangerous not only physically but also mentally, the NSW Government has launched special mental health skills training accessible for everyone. You can apply and get trusted and science-based help as soon as you feel that you need it.

Coronavirus has already made lots of damage to billions of people. However, it should not cause any disruption to your plans on self-actualization and self-development.

We’ve tried to make the above-mentioned list as comprehensive as possible to include all the information that might be interesting to you. Hopefully, you’ll definitely find some resources that will come in handy even when quarantine is over .

We encourage you to stay at home and take care of your physical and mental health during these uncertain times. Education is one of the few ways to benefit from COVID quarantine.

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