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Tech Skills for Teachers

Tech Skills for Teachers in 2021

This guide covered important technology skills all educators should have. Links to the items are below. Basic Skills Hooking up to a projector video Creating a CSV file: Google | MS Office | OpenOffice Resize an image before emailing: Pic Resize Get pictures off your digital camera: Snapfish | Eye-Fi Make a PowerPoint photo album: Office 2010…

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Blended Learning

Blended learning is a disruptive innovation in education that can take many forms. Here, we look at what blended learning is, why it’s spreading, and how it works in real and virtual classrooms. Join the conversation on blended learning below.

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Guide to College Entrepreneurship & Useful Resources

Guide and Resources to Entrepreneurship in College

If the concept of college entrepreneurs sounds bizarre to you and you do not know how it works, it is high time to find out more with the help of our trusty guide. The trick here is to implement your creative ideas in practice before graduation and fund your studies…

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Neat Apps For College Students That Make a Difference

best apps for college students

Why Do Students Need Apps for Education? We all have our unique collection of mobile apps that seem to rock our boat and make us feel happy. You can safely compare it to some products in your fridge - some are great for a nice breakfast while the rest represents…

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List of Top Helpful Anti-Bullying Resources For College Students

How to Prevent Bullying

Without a doubt, anyone who has been a part of any social circle has experienced the ugly face of bullying in this way or another. Thankfully, this problem is brought to the surface more often than it has been done in the past. We can see the famous athletes, celebrities,…

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The MBA Degree Guide for Students

MBA Degree Guide Assignmentbro

What Does MBA Stand For or Why Does It Matter? While we hear the "MBA" term almost daily as soon as we seek good college degrees, think about career options, or just talk to friends, not many people know what an MBA really stands for and how exactly it can…

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Resources for Students With Down Syndrome

Orange Illustrated Books and Kids Teacher Business Card, копия

What is Down Syndrome? Down Syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21, which belongs to a chromosomal condition. It affects the way how a person develops in terms of mental skills and physical development. In addition to particular physical features as the flat facial profile, the students with Down syndrome…

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Best Scholarships in the UK for Local and International Students

Why Do Scholarships Matter for British Students? One of the primary reasons why scholarships make a major difference in the UK is the cost of academic courses that usually do not come cheap even when compared to the rest of the world. If one adds the living costs and additional…

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All About Gamification Education

Gamification has huge potential in education. How can we use it to give students a truly meaningful experience? Learn all about gamification in education in our new infographic below.

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Use Tech to Get Organized: The 100 Best Tools, Websites, Apps and More

Tools and Apps To Get Organized

Different people will use these tools in different ways. Some people want lots of bells and whistles and will jump at a do-it-all application like Evernote. Others may just want a simple to-do list that they can manage on their phone. Still others are looking for ways to organize their…

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