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All You Need to Know About the Harvard Referencing Generator

It is highly recommended to use the accurate citation in your research papers as it helps you to keep a credible look of your paper and prevent from accusations in plagiarism.

Students of university levels use the Harvard referencing style for academic papers and essays. The Harvard citation generator is used for referencing different types of educational materials in different disciplines. This particular style follows the ‘author, date’ approach which is straightforward and pretty simple to use. Numerous universities recommend their students to follow the Harvard referencing guide in order to cite information sources used in research papers.


Referencing is of great significance when it comes to complete research work efficiently. It allows you to recognize the contribution of other researchers and writers in your work. Any sort of university assignment that talks about the words, research or ideas of others should contain citations. Citations are considered to be a great way to give credit to writers or researchers from whom you have sourced ideas or words. Referencing is also an approach to respect the intellectual property rights of someone else.

Use of citations serves as evidence to support the claims and assertions that you have mentioned in the assignments. It is mandatory that references should be correct so that readers of your document or research paper can easily trace information sources that you have cited. No doubt, referencing always makes your essay writing more persuasive.

One thing that students should never forget to consider is to avoid plagiarism. Try to be unique and descriptive in your work. If you are going to use phrases from some other writers, never forget to reference that with true information. This will give a professional impression of your work.

Students of the modern era do not have enough time to spend on annotated citation or footnote because it requires a lot of effort and time. Thanks to the World Wide Web as you can get a Harvard referencing generator online to serve your purpose in the right way. This saves you time and offers the perfect citation style exactly in accordance with the university standards.


  • It lets the reader know about the proper research that you have done to complete your papers.
  • It helps you avoid plagiarism by quoting ideas and words of other writers
  • It allows all readers to track down the given information resources
  • Use of referencing makes you look a professional and responsible writer


Acknowledgment is not just restricted to printed books. Any information, ideas or words taken from any other source needs to be referenced. Citations are required when you are using ideas or words from any of the following:

  • Brochures or pamphlets
  • Journal articles and books
  • Personal interviews
  • Electronic and website resources
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Emails, letters and online discussion forums
  • Reference when you reprint any illustrations, diagrams, pictures or charts
  • Documentaries, advertisements, films or television programs


There is no need to reference things when you are citing your own research results and observations. Your own experiences, thoughts, comments, analysis, conclusions, common knowledge facts and generally accepted information do not need any referencing. So you don’t need to go an extra mile and put referencing for such stuff.


Harvard citation generator is the perfect tool to serve your purposes of citation. There is no need to go through the tricky rules and put citations manually by spending a lot of time. AssigmentBro is the leading assignment writing service that provides education solutions to students across the globe. They have a great solution for students struggling to complete citation for their assignments. Now you don’t need to spend hours entering citations. AssigmentBro offers a dedicated Harvard referencing tool which has great accuracy and the ability to complete referencing for your research papers with ease.

Using this awesome tool is not difficult at all. You can use the Harvard bibliography generator with very basic knowledge. While starting citation for your work, you will see a number of options to choose from on their website. First off you need to select citations from a website, Magazine, Book, Newspaper, Journal, Online Video or any other source. There’s a potential list already given, so you can choose whatever suits your requirements. The second thing is to fill out the form with the required information and submit to see the citation ready. The information that you will need to provide can be slightly different for different citation sources.


Reference a Book

If you have citations from a book, then you’ll need to provide information including the Author name, Year, Title, Publisher, Location, and Number of Edition. All you need is to simply click on the ‘Generate Citation’ button in order to get citations ready for the document.


  1. Book Citation: Tolkien, J.R.R. (1958). Lord of the Rings. 1st Ed. the UAE: Houghton Mifflin.
  2. In-Text Reference for a Book: (Tolkien, 1958)

Reference a Book Chapter

The amazing Harvard Reference tool allows you to create references for a book chapter in a few clicks. In this scenario, the student is required to submit information including the Author Surname, Author Initials, Title of the chapter, Complete Book title, the year of publication in format of YYYY (Use c2018 if you have the year of copyright), the Surname / initials for each editor of the book, Place of publication, details about the publisher, the Edition number (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Edition) and lastly the number of pages of the chapter (e.g. 1-40) for pagination. Now you can click the ‘Generate citation’ button to get references ready for a book chapter.


  1. Book chapter reference: Coffin, J.M. 1998. Molecular biology of HIV. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, pp.3-40. In: Crandall, K.A. Ed. The evolution of HIV.
  2. In-Text Citation for a Book Chapter: (Coffin, 1999)

Reference a Journal Article

Using references in journal articles can work as strong evidence for arguments. To get citations ready in your journal article, you need to provide Author Surname, Author Initials, full Article Title, Journal Title, Year of Publication, Volume number, Issue Number and page numbers of the chapter. After providing this information, you can generate the citation for a journal article within seconds.


  1. Off-line (printed) Journal Article Reference Pajunen, K. 2008. Institutions and inflows of foreign direct investment: a fuzzy-set analysis. Journal of International Business Studies. 39(4), pp.652-669.
  2. Harvard Reference for Online Journal Article
    El Gharras, H. 2010. Polyphenols: food sources, properties, and applications – a review. International Journal of Food Science & Technology. [Online]. 43(13), pp.2712-2588. [Accessed 15 June 2015]. Available from: doi:10.1037/rmh0000008
  3. In-Text Reference for Off-line and On-line Journal Articles: (El Gharras, 2009)


Reference a Website

The Harvard Reference Tool offers the simplest citation solution for referencing a website. All you need is simply copy the website URL from the address bar and paste into the given blank field. The system will fetch the required data.

Alternatively, you can provide the required data into fields of Author Surname or Company name, Author Initials, Full Website Title, the Year of Publication, the Date when you reached the Website and finally the URL including the “http://”.


  1. Website Reference: Hawking, S. 2002. Professor Stephen Hawking’s website. [Online]. [Accessed 14 February 2010]. Available from:
  2. In-Text Citation for a Website: (Hawking, 2002)

Reference a Blog Article

Referencing a blog article requires you to enter the URL of the blog that you would like to reference. In case you have a problem while fetching data from the given URL, you can enter the details. You’ll need to submit Author Surname or Company name, Author Initials, Blog title, Article title, a date when the article was published, the year of publication, the date when you accessed that article and the complete URL. After providing these details, you can easily generate the blog reference using the Harvard reference generator tool.


  1. Blog Reference: Beard, M. 2014. To curtsey or not to curtsey? 13 June. A Don’s Life. [Online]. [Accessed 12 April 2018]. Available from:
  2. In-Text Citation for a Blog: (Beard, 2014)

Reference a Wiki

Again you’ll need to paste the URL of the wiki source from where you have accessed the information. Alternatively, you’ll need to enter the Wiki name, year of the publication, full name of the Wiki, date when you accessed that wiki source and finally the URL. Clicking on the Generate Citation button will create references for Wiki.


  1. Wiki Reference: Wikipedia. 2008. Socrates. [Online]. [Accessed 12 March 2017]. Available from: action=history
  2. In-Text Citation for a Wiki: (Socrates, 2008)


Reference an Email

In order to create references for an email, you need to submit the information including Author Surname or Company name, Author Initials, a name of the person/organization that received the email, year of communication in YYYY format and Date of communication. The Harvard Reference Generator will quickly create citations for an email once you have entered these details.


Email Reference: Hawkins, S. 6 Email to Darren Bell, 22 January.

Reference a Conversation

The Harvard conversation citation generator needs the Author Surname or Company name, initials of the speaker, name of the receiver, year and date of the conversation.


Conversation Reference: Hawkins, S. 2013. Conversation with Jackson, 21 January.

Reference a Letter

Referencing a letter is super easy with the Harvard Reference Generator tool. Simply provide Author Surname, Author Initials, a name of the recipient, year and date of sending.


Letter Citation: Hawkins, S. 2015. Letter to Ariel Jackson, 15 January.


Reference a TV Programs

You can easily reference a television program in your document. Information needed for this purpose includes the title of TV programs, a name of the channel or transmitting organization, year of the broadcast in YYYY format, date and time of broadcast.


  1. TV Program Citation: The Blue Planet. 2016. BBC 2. 26 January, 21:00.
  2. In-Text Reference for a TV Program: (The Blue Planet, 2016)

Reference a TV Advertisement

Information required for referencing a TV advertisement mainly includes the name of the advertising company, Ad Duration, short description of the advertisement, channel or transmitting organization, the year when the Ad was produced and date when the advertisement was seen.


  1. TV Adv. Citation: Coca Cola. 2010. A group of men drinks cans of Coke (60 secs). [Television advertisement]. Channel 5. [13 February 2010].
  2. In-Text Reference for a TV Advertisement: (Coca Cola, 2010)


Radio programs can also be referenced using the Harvard Reference Tool. You’ll be required to enter the details including the title of the radio program, name of the channel or transmitting organization, year, date and time of the broadcast.


  1. Radio Program Citation: The Archers. 2016. BBC Radio 6. 23 January, 21:00.
  2. In-Text Reference of a Radio Program: (The Archers, 2016)

The Harvard referencing tool makes your citation work accurate and super-fast for all types of references.

Generally, there are two kinds of citations. These are given below:

  1. In-text Citations: Students use these types of citations when paraphrasing or quoting a source. These are found in the body of work and include a fragment of complete citation.
  2. Reference Lists: Reference lists are generally located at the end of the research work. They show the complete citations for all sources used in the assignment.

If you choose our Harvard Referencing Generator, we promise you the best result!

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