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Plagiarism? What Would That Be?

According to numerous definitions that can be found online, plagiarism is intentional or unintentional copying of someone’s work or ideas by trying to make them pass as one’s own. While it is not always done by intention, even your failure to quote an author of some idea is considered plagiarism. Moreover, some college professors will even accuse you of not referencing “any idea that is not yours”. Unfortunately, this practice is quite common, which is why so many students feel stressed about using sources or fail to do it right. Knowing how to check for plagiarism before submission remains the only solution that will keep you safe from trouble because even if you paraphrase some text, it cannot guarantee that your paper will be flawless.

Unfortunately, things can easily become even more complex when your task involves writing a definition essay or something where you must provide statistics or sources that relate to encyclopedias or dictionaries. Any student who has faced these issues before will know what we mean. Our safe assignment plagiarism checker tool has been custom-tailored to catch these occurrences by providing you with a list of suggestions that you can fix. It is the only way how you can keep your academic future safe. Since there is no definite list of all things that your college professor may consider as “similarity”, your only safe bet is to attack the system from the other side by checking your paper in advance.

Bro, Why Do I Need an Online Plagiarism Checker?

This cloud-sourced plagiarism detection service has some negative sides to it. It means that when you check assignment for plagiarism through it, it remains there and is compared to the other material that has been shared in the past. For example, when you work with a group of fellow students and one of you submits your materials to similarity check along with their part, it will show that you have serious plagiarism issues. Imagine this scenario with your university gradebook and you clearly see how it ends up.

In any case, when a student uses a plagiarism checker online, it increases one’s chances of writing a paper that has no similarities or sources that have been cited incorrectly. Speaking of your references, some of them may show up as plagiarism as well since it is not possible to avoid them entirely. As long as you cite them correctly, you should be safe. Still, if you have too many similarities because of your quotes, it is recommended to paraphrase them in a different way. Our anti plagiarism check helps you to make it possible free of charge by checking things as much as you would like.

Plagiarism – the Dead End of Your Academic Future

While every student may know about having one’s grade decreased because of minor plagiarism-free content issues, things are not that simple with the quotes. When your paper has over 70% of similarity index, it can end up with the “F” grade or even worse.

Here are some consequences that you may face as a result of academic dishonesty:

Low academic grade and a request to write your paper again from scratch. It is the best solution that can be offered by your college professor if your similarity index is not high and contains ideas that could have been put differently.

Detention from the course. If your academic papers include high plagiarism ratios, it may end up with course detention and an opportunity to either prove your innocence or fill a complaint to a special committee to check your papers manually.

A permanent exclusion from your college or university. Unfortunately, it is often the case with some universities.

Your credentials are entered in the blacklist database of academic writers and/or publishers. In this particular case, you will have to ensure that you have no copyright infringements because a special copyright checker tool will be applied before any publishing is carried out.

While it is not likely that you will face the worst scenario, it is always possible that your educational institution approaches the matters of plagiarism in a much more serious way than you can imagine.

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Seven Amazing Features of Our Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker

While you may think that approaching our plagiarism detection tool is nothing worth your attention, you could not be further from the truth. Unlike many other commercial tools that you may discover, our originality checker is proud to be free without any limitations. It means that you can check your paper and edit it automatically by checking it as much as you wish.

Here are seven great benefits that you can enjoy by checking our safe assignment plagiarism detection tool:

  1. You can use the full features of our plagiarism test machine without registration or having to click on anything to access it.
  2. We have no ads or distracting banners that would make you feel irritated.
  3. It has several options like “essay”, “website content”, “resume”, and “other” for some specific text content. It means that our tool will check your submission as the simple essay, as a web page, as a resume, and as the text that does not fall under any category.
  4. You can upload your content as a copied text, as a PDF document, or upload it in MS Word (Docx) format.
  5. You have a free online plagiarism checker with percentage through the most popular academic databases to ensure that you have quoted your sources right.
  6. It shows the plagiarism percentage and the uniqueness level. You can see your paper’s similarity index, list of sources, and the matches with complete URLs.
  7. Our plagiarism tool does not store your information, which means that your assignment will never appear anywhere, which makes our system safe to use even for your sensitive reflection journals.

Most importantly, you can use our check similarity tool any time without paying a single dime and enjoy all its features to your heart’s content!

AssignmentBro Plagiarism Checker 101

While some of you may be already familiar with how a typical plagiarism scanner works, some students may have not used it before. We have made things intentionally simple for you to save your time and make you see what has to be fixed once you receive your similarity index. Here is a short breakdown of steps that must be taken for best results:

  1. Upload your PDF or Ms Word file with your assignment or copy parts of the text that make you feel concerned. Do not forget to type your assignment title to check for plagiarism in this regard.
  2. Choose “Essay”, “Website”, “Resume” or “Other” depending on your initial document. If you are not sure what to choose, we recommend setting it to “essay”, which will let our system approach any duplicate content as a college essay.
  3. Click on “Plagiarism Check” and wait for a few seconds.
  4. You will receive your plagiarism check results with the text matches and similarity index below the text block. It will show you the list of matches. The plagiarized text in question will be highlighted. Edit it and check again to see if it improves your situation.

Yes, it is as simple as that! We care for your safety, which is why we came up with a free plagiarism checker for assignments!

Do not think twice and start using our originality check tool today! It is free and takes about five minutes to check your college assignment. Do not let unintentional plagiarism become an issue for you. Taking your time to keep safe with our similarity checker will always pay off in the end!

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