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Many students struggle to keep up with referencing or citation guidelines. Especially if they are unsure about the correct format.

When writing a paper or academic document, you will extract information from different sources. If you quote any author, mentioning the source is important to avoid plagiarism. Depending on the citation style you choose, you might have to add abbreviations or mention each source as a footnote. This is where the IEEE and Chicago reference generator will come in handy.

Students around the world pursuing their education seek inspiration and information from different sources. You may refer to books from different authors and the source list could be vast. Regardless of a number of references you use, citing all of them in proper style and format is critical. Keep in mind that it is important to cite online and offline references for reasons other than avoiding plagiarism. For one, you can lend credence to your work. Also, you acknowledge the contribution of thought leaders.

What is the IEEE Reference Generator?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) set forth a referencing system based on the Chicago referencing style. As with other referencing styles, you have to follow a correct format to cite all references. Typically, IEEE citation is a must for the research paper. You have to credit the writers and researchers whose works you used to complete your text. An IEEE referencing generator is a tool that helps you save time and effort when citing references. You can adhere to the IEEE citation format, even if you take a manual approach.

The main difference between IEEE and other citation styles is an absence of authors’ names within the text. Instead, each IEEE reference features a number, with a text corresponding to a number at the end of your paper. Using this method, ensure that you specify which source contributed to which specific part of the text. Following the IEEE citation style guide can be a hassle. Instead, use an IEEE citation generator to make life easier, while meeting the reference guidelines correctly.

How Does the Free IEEE Reference Generator Work?

Writing a research paper can take up several hours, spread over a period of days or weeks. Having spent that much time writing a paper, the last thing you want is going through an IEEE citation manual. Do note that reading about the IEEE citation rules can take up several hours. Don’t be surprised if going over the guidelines and attached examples take your time. As a result, most students don’t get the time to recheck the text and make amendments where required.

You can sidestep this hassle by using our IEEE reference format generator. These tools come equipped with all the rules and guidelines necessary for effective referencing. The best part is that you don’t have to bear any cost to use a generator. Our tool is available free of charge, but without any compromise on efficacy or accuracy. A common issue students’ face with regards to referencing in the IEEE style is that it’s more complex than other styles, and not as common. Usually, papers about engineering and information technologies use this style.

Main Features and Specifics of IEEE Reference Generator

Wondering how to cite IEEE? You need to realize that your research papers and assignments have to be in the correct format so you can achieve the highest possible score. You would be familiar with the standard structure of essay writing, i.e. an introduction, body, and conclusion followed by a list of references. The bibliography is where you need to add your sources in the correct style. You need to follow IEEE citation guidelines, by adding references in footnotes, while in the text itself, you have to add the corresponding numbers.

Using an online resource, you can find a number of examples

For instance,

what’s in a name? [1]

[1] W. Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 2018

You can use samples and examples to get an idea of how you should add IEEE references. However, the process can be cumbersome and you may not get the highest grade. Learning about style and requirements is important, and this is where an IEEE reference generator online can help. Use our free tool to gain an understanding of IEEE citation rules so you can get the desired grade. Students pursuing an engineering degree need to have a clear idea of a correct format, to ensure they can add sources perfectly.

A bottom-line is that sometimes adding IEEE format references can be more difficult than doing an assignment. This reason is why you should consider using our citation tool. Enjoy numerous other benefits, including

  • Save time on adding references and citations to your research papers, while ensuring accuracy
  • Organize your references in an accessible manner while researching information for an assignment, which makes it easier to add them while writing
  • Share your research with other students or your professor, as the referencing generator allows to sync data on different devices
  • Change bibliographic style as per requirements of the project you are working on

Last, but not least, use our free generator without spending a dime.


So, there you have it, a comprehensive overview of how an IEEE reference generator works and how it can make your life easier.

Proper citation is necessary for research papers and essays that you write over the course of your academic life!

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