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This website allows you to translate the number of words in a given document into the approximate amount of time required to deliver it as a speech. It is available for free online at any time, and is a highly valuable instrument to utilize when preparing a speech or a presentation. The length of your speech in terms of quantity of time relates directly to the quantity of words present in your speech, as well as the speed in which the individual speaks or reads.
Note: This words to minutes calculator works based on approximations.

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Effortless Speech and Presentation Length Estimation

Here at AssignmentBro, we provide our customers with a convenient solution for calculating how many words a speech or presentation should fill a desired duration of time

Whether you’ve got a PowerPoint presentation or speech assignment, our words to minutes calculator informs how many you need to fill the assigned presentation duration. There’s no need to use ballpark figures to estimate the count of words needed for presentations. With our free tool, you’ll never run out of time or content during a presentation.

How our Words to Minutes Counter Works

Working with our word to minute converter is pretty much straightforward:

  • Enter the number of words you have in your speech
  • the calc tells you how long it’ll take to present the presentation or speech.
  • Our words per minute speech calculator can detect how many words are needed for filling a particular duration of time.
  • Depending on your speech rate, or the number of utterances you speak per minute, this tool gives you an exact number needed for your speech.
  • Use the slider tool to adjust your speech rate to get specific results.

Craft Compelling Texts and Use Words to Minutes Checker

Now that you know the number of designations needed for your speech or presentation, what do you do next? At AssignmentBro, we offer words to minutes checker. And our expert speech and presentation writers can help you craft speeches that leave audiences in awe, guaranteeing only the best grade. Moreover, our speech, presentation, and essay writers are sufficiently knowledgeable in different fields,  ensuring you have a presentation with the right details your audience will retain. Most speeches and presentations should not be too extensive if the audience does not have a handout. Research shows that audiences will not remember 20 minutes worth of details in your presentation if they don’t have a handout.

One 3 minutes in words conversion, a typical speech or presentation you’ll give at school only requires approximately 400 words. This is the right number for most people who speak 130 words per minute. It should be concise and direct for optimal results. We will help translate those minutes into words with assignment help from our qualified speech writers.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

After getting the text or presentation through our words into minutes converter, next, you should rehearse the oration. Rehearsing is your best option if you’d like to deliver an influential and convincing presentation.

By rehearsing, you’re able to time yourself which goes a long way towards ensuring you do not go over the provided duration of time. Rehearsing also provides an opportunity for practicing your body language and gestures. Proper body language and gesture combination goes a long way in improving your delivering a talk or presentation.

Practice in front of a friend and ask them for feedback. Lastly, make sure you get enough rest before presenting your talk.

A rested mind will easily remember the content of your oration so that you are not constantly glancing at your notes. That lets you engage with your audience for an optimal presentation!

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