Marketing Assignment Topics

Marketing Assignment Topics

The Importance of Marketing Assignments

Regardless of whether you are majoring in Digital Marketing, MBA, or Sociology, taking a look at the various marketing assignment topics will be essential for your success. The most important is to determine what kind of sub-topic you require or what promotional take is studied. Starting with the case study ideas to analysis and comparison of the different methods, you must explore your initial requirements and think about a good topic. Our friendly marketing assignment writing service has collected a selection of relevant marketing ideas to keep you inspired. Take your time to explore them and choose the one that fits!

99 Marketing Assignment Topics

📱 Digital Marketing

In simple terms, digital marketing relates to promotion and advertisement of certain ideas and services via electronic means. While it’s mostly related to Internet technologies, digital marketing also covers mobile phones, digital street banners, online intellectual property protection, and anything where electronic platforms are used. It makes exploring digital marketing assignment topics a rather popular choice for college researching as can be seen below:

  1. How has content marketing changed during Covid-19 times?
  2. The pecularities of search engine optimization and political bias.
  3. The legislation in the United States used to protect intellectual property online.
  4. Google Ads vs YouTube advertisement systems: the pros and cons.
  5. The role of website design for the digital marketing.
  6. Sustainability of Internet of Things.
  7. The role of Machine Learning technology for the digital marketing.
  8. The use of Livestreaming in education.
  9. Leadership styles through the lens of account-based marketing.
  10. Telling a story online vs physical interaction in 2022.

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🛍️ Consumer Behaviour Marketing

The purpose here is to estimate and understand how people (customers) make certain decisions when they choose particular services or puchase what they want. It’s a study of their needs and related behaviors. See some consumer behavior assignment topics below:

  1. How important is the variety of available products for behavior patterns?
  2. The use of AI-based tools to predict consumer behavior.
  3. The role of family influencing for consumer choices.
  4. Available resources through the lens of Maslow’s Theory of Needs.
  5. Search for information and the reasoning to purchase things.
  6. Consumer behavior and tourism marketing during pandemic times.
  7. Perception of risks when dealing with unknown products.
  8. Evaluation of product alternatives: analysis vs experience.
  9. Recognition of needs: what drives consumers in 2022?
  10. Modern data collection method: digital means vs word-of-mouth.

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📺 Telemarketing

Also known as the phone marketing, this type of sales is still quite popular these days. It involves both initiation and closure of commercial operations by making a call to certain customers. It is usually based on already existing services where specific groups of people are targeted.

  1. Establishment of strong customer relations in outbound vs inbound practices.
  2. Dealing with technical issues and the role of recommendations.
  3. Selling things from a distance: global vs local sales approach.
  4. Transformation of a phone call into a deal: the role of the time factor.
  5. What does represent a quality lead in 2022?
  6. Cold calling vs inside sales: persuasive rhetorics.
  7. Setting objectives in telemarketing: how long should an introduction be?
  8. Business to Business approach: why does taking a special niche helps?
  9. Improving marketing data: the most efficient method to study your customers’ needs.
  10. Analysis of modern telemarketing methods via online messengers.

📣 Word-of-mouth Marketing

It’s one of those areas where every college student majoring in marketing can turn to personal experience or focus on various case studies. When marketing data is being passed from person to person, among friends or family members, it belongs to word-of-mouth. See the subjects below for inspiration:

  1. Product giveaways: how much risk does it include?
  2. Brand ambassadors and the degree of honesty in marketing.
  3. Sharing buzzworthy skills: is using psychological processing acceptable?
  4. Referrals on social media: can one person become an influencer?
  5. Pinterest: the network that uses individual marketing approach.
  6. Coca-Cola and the branding strategies: popularity factor.
  7. Identification and nurturing: professional word-of-mouth marketing vs amateur techniques.
  8. Word of mouth for the small business: should testimonials be obligatory?
  9. How to create personal recommendations using marketing management?
  10. Brand generation methods: like-minded individuals or knowing your audience matters.

📧 Personalized Marketing

While it can take virtually any form thesedays, turning to personalization in the field of modern marketing is essential. It always starts with a detailed research of the target market by focusing on individuals that are already interested in services on offer. For example, promoting car safety tools among street racers or cargo companies can be one of the examples.

  1. The pros and cons of the “always on” marketology.
  2. Targeted emails: is email marketing still relevant in 2022?
  3. Custom video messages and online learning.
  4. The phenomenon of the fear of missing out.
  5. Product recommendations based on data mining methods.
  6. Adjusting brands to investor’s expectation: target market changes.
  7. Amazon’s case study: content personalization.
  8. Privacy of the purchase history online: what are the safety guarantees.
  9. Purchase recommendations based on artificial intelligence.
  10. In-store personal guidance vs online customer service marketing methods.

💬 Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing is one of the most relevant and important these days when we have celebrities, bloggers, and various athletes using their status to promote certain products. At the same time, every college student can become an influencer by setting a positive example. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. The negative influence of celebrities for promotion of low-quality products.
  2. Quality matters: why do customers ignore quality concerns when the fame factors comes up?
  3. The role of YouTube marketing mix feature for promotion of influencers.
  4. Child influencers: does it help to promote business skills and responsibilities?
  5. Marketing agreements: what are the limitations of being an influencer?
  6. Social campaigns: the most important social marketing campaigns.
  7. Negative body image and marketing influencers: beauty models and healthcare concerns.
  8. The culture of shout outs by media personalities: a “sponsor me” controversy.
  9. Branded hashtags: what are the pros and cons of digital branding?
  10. The role of online bloggers for promotion of products and services.

🤳 Social Media Marketing

Contrary to the popular belief, social media marketing (SMM) is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also have platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Snapchat that also generate a lot of traffic. SMM is further divided into six sub-sections that are: social networking, creation of bookmarks, sharing social news, media sharing, addressing blog posts, and participating in online forums like Reddit and Quora. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Transition of Facebook into Meta Inc: what marketing challenges became apparent?
  2. Instagram and the role of intellectual property protection online.
  3. Twitter and the political bias encountered in microblogging.
  4. LinkedIn’s approach to business networking: marketing research case study analysis.
  5. Methodology of attracting new users via Instagram’s feed.
  6. Discord and the ethical limitations of promotion.
  7. The use of trends and the youth culture for modern marketing.
  8. Publication of news on social media: the problem of a primary source.
  9. Motivational posts: cryptic media promotion methods.
  10. Generation of social lift in 2022: from green energy to the rules of engagement.

📍 Local Marketing

Local marketing represents a special market niche where your products and services are advertised within a limited geographic area. Unlike global digital marketing, in most cases, you are focusing on the local customers by using street advertisement methods and even various print outlets like promotional leaflets and flyers.

  1. The use of promotional coupons: what information must be included?
  2. Creation of the local marketing plan and the prognosis aspect.
  3. Brand perception by the local audience vs national marketing’s vision.
  4. The challenges of Local Relevance in the rural areas of the United States.
  5. What customer data is acceptable to ask for locally?
  6. Cooperation with Google for local marketing.
  7. The role of public relations and territorial television for promotional purposes.
  8. Legal sources of data collection that are acceptable for regional marketing.
  9. The use of governmental funding for localized marketing.
  10. Socio-cultural factor of the brand perception of the American South.

📔 Print Media Strategies

The use of print media still remains relevant today, which became even clearer during the times of social distancing when people have turned to explanatory materials and various print outlets that they had available. These include manuals and promotional data that has been sent. The examples include real estate advertisement techniques and product manuals.

  1. Are newspapers in print becoming obsolete?
  2. The role of marketing in print for the fashion industry.
  3. Magazines and the role of business promotion.
  4. Healthcare articles and promotion of pharmacology.
  5. Politics and the role of leaflets for elections.
  6. The role of frequency of publications.
  7. Limitations of print media strategies.
  8. The use of questionnaries in the print advertisement.
  9. The art of telling a story: the unique benefits of print media.
  10. The tactile factor: why marketing requires something one can hold.

🏷️ Niche Marketing 

As the name implies, niche marketing aims for those areas where we have specific, limited appeal with low competition. At the same time, it represents a strong demand and the needs that have not been met. For example, specific sports equipment or ethnic musical instruments. Here are some good topic ideas to consider:

  1. Creation of brand loyalty in 2022.
  2. The most efficient methods to improve one’s outreach.
  3. The use of monetization and digital solutions vs in-store contact.
  4. How to analyze one’s target audience when dealing with global markets?
  5. Faster business growth vs cost-effective methods.
  6. Reverse engineering and study of the competitors.
  7. Content creation system: simplification with the AI.
  8. SEO optimization and conversion of contacts to sales.
  9. The art of the thought leadership method for niche marketing.

Narrowing Things Down Helps

Choosing assignment topics for marketing, remember that you should narrow things down for the best results as it will help you to focus on particular events or practices. It makes it easier to set an example and provide at least one piece of evidence for your marketing assignment. Take your time to research the subject first and play with the wording to make your paper’s title reflect your thesis statement. By doing so, you will be able to create a strong hook for your introduction and the topic sentence for each relevant paragraph.

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