70 Inspiring Law Assignment Topics

law assignment topics

What is a Law Assignment?

The Law assignment relates to the legal studies that may include anything from basic essay writing (argumentative, explanatory, comparative, and reflective papers) and reviews to court hearings and analytical projects. Depending on your specialty, it is possible to write about forensics or criminal science. If you are majoring in Sociology, you may also deal with law assignment topics since you have to turn to a legal Act or a historical hearing. Read below to find inspiration and learn more about legal academic writing.

Who Studies Law?

When an average Law student seeks help, the majority of challenges are related to being unable to find the laws, statutes, and relevant case studies that will help to address the problem. Legal writing always takes time and effort to get things done right, which is why law assignment help online is so important. When you cannot find legal topics to write about, you must keep your mind open and remember that legal studies are not limited by one discipline only.

The Law is also studied by Political Science, Sociology, Healthcare, Data Science, Psychology, Forensics, and Anthropology students among others. It makes finding a competing topic even more challenging. Even those students that require history assignment topics are often taking a look at the Law ideas to combine several subjects. See helpful ideas below before you start writing!

70 Law Topics by Categories

Since the range of Law subjects can vary from civil court hearings to analytical work in the field of forensics, choosing law research paper topics can become complicated. As a way to help you find inspiration and brainstorm various ideas, we provide you with a list of 70 law assignment ideas that are divided by category:

💼 Business Corporate Law 

Anything related to business relates to this branch of legal assignments. When you are working with a contract or resolving a dispute, business law assignment topics is what you must start with by playing with the wording.

  1. The importance of the socio-cultural factor when signing a contract in Asian countries.
  2. How to keep the new business promoted during times of social distancing and pandemic situations.
  3. The business peculiarities of university paternities and the commercial aspect of education.
  4. The concept of the anti-trust legislation: what are the positive and negative factors to consider?
  5. The healthcare aspect of corporate culture: should the employees who smoke be penalized?
  6. Consumerism in the United States: the Instagram influencers and the legal limitations.
  7. Negotiations and the use of mediation during the conflicting phase of the real estate business.
  8. Employment Law in the United States vs the United Kingdom: the similarities and the differences.
  9. Understanding of the Tax Law: should college students learn the financial side of things?
  10. Contract Drafting analysis: what are the factors that must be considered before signing a contract?

⚖️ Civil Rights Law 

Also known as the administrative law, any civil hearings or anything that is not criminal or governmental relates here.

  1. Construction works and conflict resolution with the neighbors.
  2. How to avoid escalation of the legal dispute when dealing with religious groups?
  3. The presence of civil unethical practices and the ways to prevent them without turning to criminal laws.
  4. The role of the Black Lives Matter activism and the limitations that must be remembered.
  5. The main difference between the separation of powers when dealing with criminal and civil legislation.
  6. The peculiarities of the common law and the importance of the calm dialogue with the society members.
  7. The resolution of the garden property damage in the United Kingdom.
  8. College athlete unintentional injuries: how does one file a complaint and what are the protection laws?
  9. Bias in prosecution by the state officials: how does one prevent the delays?
  10. Complaints against the city officials: what are the legal rights of an average person?

🚔 Criminal Law 

When a crime has been committed, you should consider turning to criminal Law subjects. It can be based on case study writing, court hearings, or analytical work based on a legal dispute. Check out these criminal law assignment writing topics that range from the prevention of the crime to the cultural aspects to consider:

  1. The Hoodie culture and the ethical code applied to the Black people.
  2. The imprisonment system in Norway and Sweden: are these patterns only suitable for small countries?
  3. The exploration of the war crimes in Iraq: are these related to civil cases?
  4. Domestic violence comparison between the State of California and the State of Texas.
  5. The most efficient ways to prevent criminal romanticizing among the youth.
  6. Substance abuse in colleges and the cases of bullying: an analytical bond.
  7. Criminal justice online: the legal side of the cloud-based services.
  8. The civil protests and the criminal offenses: how does one track the cases?
  9. The aspect of hate crime in the criminal justice.
  10. Analysis of the crime risk groups among the youth: the dangers of bias.

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👨‍👩‍👧 Family Law 

The divorce cases, domestic violence, child abuse, family issues, and anything related to the marriage relate here.

  1. The religious aspect in divorce cases among ethnic groups in the United States.
  2. Paternity leave and the child support law: what are the inequalities?
  3. Child custody during the mental issues: should legal specialists consult healthcare experts?
  4. Vaccination of the children: what rights do we have to prevent it?
  5. The legal side of co-parenting: the EU laws.
  6. An explanation of the divorce to the minors: the legal side and the bonds.
  7. Child abuse reporting: the borderline between Psychology and Law.
  8. Who should control the family’s budget? The legal aspect of things.
  9. Adoptions for a single person: the family aspect changes.
  10. Domestic partnership and the cases of spousal abuse.

🌳 Environmental Law 

It is one of the most popular branches of law assignments as these are used not only by Law students but by environmental scientists, journalists, Sociology, and Healthcare students.

  1. The global laws to challenge the climate crisis.
  2. The limitations of the Toxic Substances and Hazardous Waste Management Act (RA 6969).
  3. The history of the Clean Air Act.
  4. How does one report an illegal act related to environmental care correctly?
  5. Environmental law in Canada: a comparison to the United States.
  6. The controversy of the Green Energy laws in the USA.
  7. How do legal acts impact the diversity and redundancy that we see?
  8. Deforestation challenge and the related legal cases.
  9. An analysis of the natural resources and the civil hearings in the state of California.
  10. Hunting of endangered species laws.

📉 Bankruptcy Law 

When you would like to check the financial side of things and explore the cases of insurance and bankruptcy, this is the section for you. See these law essay topics that relate to bankruptcy legislation:

  1. What are the legal reasons to repay the debts and obligations?
  2. The legal limitations and the ethical code of the American creditors.
  3. Evaluation of the debtor’s property and the impartial attitude.
  4. The peculiarity of the federal court’s hearing according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
  5. The pros and cons of reorganization.
  6. Corporate vs individual bankruptcy: what are the major differences?
  7. The bankruptcy prognosis: how does it affect the individual’s future?
  8. Why can the debts be forgiven and what are the benefits of a flexible repayment?
  9. How to choose a trustee when dealing with a bankruptcy case?
  10. Stocks and bonds versus cash repayments.

📜 Entertainment Law 

Starting with intellectual data protection to the promotion of celebrities online, entertainment law is relatively new in the United States and beyond. You can check these ten competing topics:

  1. Intellectual property laws in the United States and Facebook.
  2. The legal claims for trends in TikTok and Instagram.
  3. How should musical theft claims be resolved?
  4. The cyber-bullying laws in the United States.
  5. Transactional laws and dealing with the global employment law.
  6. Information Technology laws and television: ABC news analysis case.
  7. Trademarks and copyright disputes in video games.
  8. Intellectual property and the fashion style: the laws vs the experts.
  9. Broadcasting music online: what are the rights of the digital customers?
  10. First Amendment practices and entertainment in 2022.

How to Choose The Right Topics and Compose a Law Assignment?

The most important is to determine what kind of essay you have to write. If there is a case study, you may have to write a review or compose a compare-and-contrast assignment. If you have to compare the legal practices or variables, make two columns and take relevant notes. Such an approach will help you to approach your Law assignment topic differently.

When you have an opportunity to choose law paper topics, focus on something that inspires you or an idea that you know well and can support with at least one piece of evidence. Your introduction must talk about the importance of your subject and discuss your objectives before you start with a solid thesis. The body paragraphs should start with a topic sentence and discuss your arguments. The final part should sum things up and make a suggestion for further research as the legal assignments are often open to discussions.

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