Evolution Topics for Assignment Writing

Evolution Assignment Topics

Evolutionary science is the study of how organisms change over time, and how that changes the environment and other organisms. This can be applied to a variety of fields, including medicine, ecology, biology, and genetics.

Evolutionary science is a field of study that seeks to explain how organisms change over time through processes of natural selection. The theory of evolution states that all life on Earth shares a common ancestor, which means that all species have evolved from one another through natural selection. Evolutionary science studies how organisms change over time as they adapt to their environments in order to survive and reproduce.

Why does Evolution necessary for learning?

Evolutionary science research is important because it helps us understand why we do the things we do. It helps us understand our own existence as humans. We are a species that has evolved over time, and understanding our evolutionary past can help us understand what makes us unique as humans and how we’ve been able to survive and thrive on this planet for so long. Evolutionary science research also allows us to make better decisions about our lives and the world around us. 

Evolutionary science research provides insight into other species around us. By studying their evolution, we can learn about how they’ve adapted to their environments over time and what makes them different from other species. This knowledge can help us better understand the world around us and how we fit into it. Finally, evolutionary science research allows us to make predictions about what might happen in the future based on things that have already happened in the past (i.e., patterns).

Who is studying Evolution?

Evolution is a fascinating subject that has been studied for centuries by many people. Evolutionary biologists have been looking at the genetic and environmental factors that influence the development of species for decades, but students can learn about evolution in many different ways.

Students who are interested in studying evolution may decide to take classes on the subject in college or university. These classes cover everything from basic evolutionary theory to how evolution works on a molecular level. Students who want to learn more about evolution can also choose to enroll in an online course or read a book on the subject.

If you are looking for evolution topics for writing assignments, here are some suggestions for you:

🐒 Human Evolution Research Topics

The study of human evolution encompasses a broad range of topics. This section will introduce you to some essential and valuable research areas that will not leave you and your colleagues indifferent. Here are some common human evolution issues used in assignments:

  1. How Did Bipedalism Evolve?
  2. What Was Life Like For The Earliest Humans?
  3. What Made Us Human?
  4. The Origin Of The Family
  5. Causes For The Strengthened Kinship System
  6. The Beginnings Of Settlement Dwelling In Human Evolution
  7. Improved Tools – Tools And Technology
  8. Artifacts Of The Past – Archaeological Finds
  9. Changes In The Environment – Climate Changes, Added Food Sources
  10. The Species Which Are Considered To Be Direct Human Ancestors
  11. The Sexual Selection And Communication Which Increased The Intensity Of Reproduction Between Individuals Of Specific Species
  12. Creation Of Different Races After Periods Of Migration To New Geographical Distribution
  13. Hominin Evolution
  14. Fossil Hominins In Africa, East Asia, And Europe
  15. Palaeontological Approaches To Studying Human Evolution
  16. Biological Adaptations Supporting Locomotion Over A Diverse Diet
  17. What Makes Us Human Biologically?
  18. The Evolution Of Language And Speech
  19. Human Plant Diet And Its Impact On The Evolution Of The Brain
  20. Human And Ape Similarities
  21. Missing Links In Human Evolution
  22. Advances In The Human Brain
  23. Changes In The Skeletal System
  24. Introduction Of Fire
  25. Domestication Of Animals
  26. Increased Mobility
  27. Why Did Selective Pressures Make It Advantageous For Our Ancestors To Conceptualize The Environment In A Somewhat Unrealistic Manner?
  28. General Phylogenetic Tree Of Ape And Human
  29. The Future Of Human Evolution
  30. Future Adaptation And Evolvability
  31. Global Change And Human Evolution
  32. The Evolutionary Genesis Of War
  33. Ecological Factors In Human Evolution Academia And Development
  34. The Development Of Human Genetics
  35. The Importance Of Dance To Early Man In The Development Of The Human Mind
  36. How Cooking Became Another Element In The Development Of Intelligence And Survival Methods
  37. The Significance Of Tools To Cognitive Development
  38. The Great Debate: Nature Vs. Nurture
  39. Evolution Of The Human Brain: Bigger Does Not Mean Better
  40. Evolution Of Self-Awareness In Humans.
  41. Sources Of Selection Pressure That Promoted Human Physiological And Skeletal Changes
  42. Biochemical Changes In Hominid Brains
  43. Hominid Teeth And Dentition
  44. Environmental Factors Impacting Skull And Brain Development
  45. Isotopic Analysis Of Early Hominids
  46. Diet Of Early Hominids
  47. Advancement In Tools And Weapons
  48. An Examination Of Evolution In Africa.
  49. An Analysis Of African Origins: The Recent African Origin Theory
  50. What Were The Physical Characteristics Of Australopithecus, The Oldest Hominid Found In South Africa?
  51. The African Great Lakes Region
  52. An Analysis Of The Human Body Design And Its Explanations.
  53. A Comparative Study Of The Causes Of Evolution In Different Groups Of Humans. 
  54. The Early Relationship And Evolution Between Neanderthals And Modern Man 
  55. Evolution Impact On Business
  56. The Role Of Stone Tools
  57. The Evolution Of Gender Roles And Relationships
  58. What Is The Significance Of Recent Findings In Tanzania From A 2.5 Million-Year-Old Skull?
  59. How Migration And Settlement Shaped Human Evolution
  60. Humanoid: Our Overdevelopment Of The Brain Is What Causes Humans To Be Called Humanoids
  61. The Study Of The Language Of Primates And Humans
  62. The Evolution Of Friendship, Mating Systems, And Parental Investment
  63. The Evolutionary Costs And Benefits Of Sex
  64. The Human Eye Evolution
  65. Behavioral Evolution
  66. Ways Humans Evolved
  67. Evolution At Work And The Human Body
  68. Neanderthal Man
  69. Evolution Of Homo Sapiens
  70. The Fossil Record Of Human Evolution
  71. Describe Hair Evolution
  72. Recent Human Mutations
  73. How Does Evolution Theory Try To Explain Speech And Language Existence?

🗣 Evolution Debate Topics

To get started on your evolution assignment, read through the following debate topics, which will help you get the creative juices flowing.

  1. Significance Of Evolution
  2. History Of Evolution 
  3. The Evolutionary Leap
  4. Where Can We See An Example Of Evolution In Progress?
  5. Can You Explain The First Murder?
  6. Natural Selection Vs. Random Mutations
  7. The Importance Of Evolution In Modern Medicine
  8. Does Chemical Evidence Prove Or Disprove Evolution?
  9. The Influence Of Sex On TV On Relationships Between People
  10. The Evolutionary Psychology Of Love
  11. The Evolutionary Psychology Of Lying
  12. Evolutionary Psychology And Gender Differences
  13. How Did We Come To Be The Way We Are?
  14. Does Our Intelligence Affect Our Behavior?
  15. What Impact Have Human Beliefs Had On Humanity?
  16. Evolution Of Things Related To The Human Mind
  17. What Is The Day-Age Theory Of Creation? Explain Its Relevance In Understanding Hominid Evolution
  18. Theistic Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design
  19. Teleonomy Vs. Developmental Genetics
  20. Microevolution Vs. Macroevolution
  21. Debate About Race Differences

👩‍⚕️ Psychology of Evolution

Psychology of evolution is a fascinating topic to study. Take advantage of the opportunity to do some research on this topic. Here are some topics for you:

  1. The Evolution Of Empathy
  2. Pleiotropy In The Evolution Of The Human Brain
  3. Cognitive Demands Of Foraging And Dispersal
  4. Adaptations For Hominin Bipedalism
  5. Evolutionary Inter-Generational Cognitive Processes Relating To Hunter-Gatherers’ Knowledge Transfer
  6. Evolutionary Processes In The Development Of Human Funerary Rituals
  7. Hunter-Gatherer Children’s Acquisition Of Knowledge
  8. Do Animals Think?
  9. Is Human Psychology Like That Of Any Other Species?
  10. Altruism And Jealousy Through The Lens Of Evolutionary Psychology
  11. The Evolution Of Beauty

🦠 Bacteria, Viruses, and Genome Evolution

Bacteria and viruses are considered to be the most successful organisms on Earth. They have adapted to almost every environment, from deep sea vents to hot springs. Some are even found in humans, but these are usually beneficial and even necessary for our health. The following are some common topics that can be used for assignments:

  1. Does The Virus Influence Genome Evolution?
  2. Environmental Factors That Affect Viruses
  3. Understanding How Viruses Work Helps Us Understand How Bacteria Evolve
  4. How Do Genome Variations Affect The Properties Of Microorganisms?
  5. What Factors Lead To HIV Spread?
  6. How Does AIDS Affect The Development Of Mankind?
  7. Degeneracy Of The Genetic Code
  8. Interactions With Genes, Genome, And Interactions With The Environment
  9. Understanding The Diversity Of Genome Structure
  10. Using Genomic Insights To Address Global Challenges
  11. The Rapid Evolution Of Bacteria
  12. How Has Human Interference Affected The Evolution Of Bacteria?
  13. How Fast Is Bacteria Evolving Compared To Human Beings?
  14. Does Bacteria Evolve Faster In Certain Environments Than Others?
  15. Do Bacteria Obtain Or Lose Genes?
  16. How Do Bacteria Evolve?
  17. Teleomorph: Cell Division And Reproduction Of Bacillus Subtilis

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🪴 Current Topics in Ecology and Evolution

The best way to stay current on topics in ecology and evolution is to keep abreast of the latest research and news. However, we have provided this list of current topics for you.

  1. The Impact Of Deforestation On The Global Carbon Cycle
  2. Deluge And Mass Extinction
  3. The Issues With The Food Chain
  4. Genetic Resources And Recombination
  5. Endangered Animal Species Around The World
  6. How Are Ecosystems Changing?
  7. The Concept Of Wilderness
  8. The Tasmanian Tiger: A Mystery From The Ice Age
  9. Evolution Of Social Insects
  10. Global Environmental Issues
  11. The Importance Of Climate Change
  12. Animals Used In Research
  13. Threats To Endangered Species
  14. Animal Rights Movement
  15. Human Impacts On The Ocean
  16. Sustainability At Colleges And Universities
  17. Future Of Fishing
  18. Biodiversity Loss And Conservation Biology
  19. Conservation Genetics And Speciation
  20. Biodiversity In Forests And Grasslands 
  21. What Are The Consequences Of Invasive Species?
  22. How Does Climate Change Affect Evolutionary Biology?
  23. What Factors Contribute To The Development Of Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria?
  24. How Do Fungi Affect Human Health And The Ecosystem?
  25. Why Is Natural Resource Management A Major Challenge?
  26. What Methods Are Scientists Using To Gain Insight Into Biological Systems?
  27. Habitat Fragmentation And Connectivity
  28. Future Perspective Of Invasive Species
  29. The Effects Of Climate Change On Species Diversity
  30. Greenhouse Effect 
  31. Carbon Footprint. Why Make A Carbon Footprint?
  32. Asexual Reproduction
  33. How DNA Works And How It Helps Scientists Study The Past?
  34. The Intricate Relationship Between Humans And The Environment
  35. Curbing Population Growth, Development Concerns, And Biodiversity Loss
  36. The Rapid And Unprecedented Gene Loss In Species Related To The Rise Of Humans
  37. How Organisms Adapt Different Traits To Coexist
  38. The Emergence Of Symbiosis In Microorganisms
  39. The Functional Anatomy Of Parasites
  40. The Recent Increase In Extinction Rate
  41. The Impact Of Climate Change On Biodiversity
  42. The Role Of De Novo Origination In Morphological Evolution
  43. How Do New Species Originate From Hybridization With A Distinct Population?
  44. Distinct Evolutionary Pathways
  45. Symbiosis And Coevolution
  46. Level Of Selection
  47. Theory Of Planned Behaviour
  48. Community Ecology And Biological Communities
  49. The Spatial Distribution Of Organisms
  50. Species Pools And Metapopulations
  51. Diminishing Species Diversity Over Time
  52. Ecological Traps And Conservation
  53. Appearance Of Mammals In The Fossil Record
  54. Evolutionary Biology Of Ant Societies
  55. Superorganism
  56. The Effects Of Increased Human Population Density On Species Extinction Rates
  57. Invasive Species In The Urban Context
  58. The Use Of Machine Learning Algorithms In The Field Of Ecology And Evolution
  59. The Social Impact Of Global Warming On Polar Bears
  60. The Bacteria That Uses Arsenic To Survive On Earth
  61. Loss Of Wild Bee Species In The Past Decade
  62. The Role Of Humans In The Food Chain
  63. Erosion And Diversions To Rivers Cause Pollution By Soil And Water Being Taken Away
  64. Solar Power: Can We Harness The Sun Of Tomorrow?
  65. Whale Evolution And The Influence They Have On Their Environment
  66. The Evolutionary Impact Of Hybridisation
  67. Why Are Islands Ideal Environments For Evolutionary Change?
  68. Passing The Baton In Co-Evolutionary Relationships Between Two Species
  69. The Molecular Basis Of Heredity
  70. Characteristics Of A Successful Species
  71. How To Combat Global Warming?
  72. The Loss Of Species, And The Crisis Facing Coral Reefs
  73. Deforestation, And Whether It Is Reversible
  74. How Animal Tracking Can Help Us To Save The Environment?
  75. How Are We Damaging The Planet?
  76. Environmental Shock Waves
  77. Unregulated Tourism/Tourism Overkill
  78. Bioweapons And Biological Terrorism
  79. Widespread Diseases And Natural Disasters
  80. Water Pollution And Overfishing
  81. Describe The Chain Or Hierarchy Of Life

🐅 Animal Evolution

When dinosaurs were wiped from the face of the planet, mammals started to evolve into their own separate species. While many mammals suffered a similar fate as the dinosaurs, some flourished into fantastically different animals. Let’s talk about the creatures that had once been so much alike.

  1. Why Did Animals Evolve Wings?
  2. How Did Insects Evolve Wings?
  3. Animal Evolution Is The Development Of New Species
  4. Why Do People Care About Animal Evolution?
  5. Why Is Animal Evolution Important?
  6. The Distribution Of Animal Life On The Earth Today
  7. Evidence For Macroevolutionary Patterns And Processes
  8. What Are The Differences Between Non-Homologous And Homologous Structures?
  9. How Do Humans’ Superior Intellectual Faculties That Kill Animals Make Us Dominant?
  10. What Was The Most Significant Change In The Evolution Of Sea Creatures?
  11. Which Factors Lead To The Evolution Of Vertebrates Into Landforms?
  12. What Are Three Examples Of Species That Evolved To Adapt To Their Environment?
  13. Predator/Prey Relationship
  14. How Many Species Have Become Extinct Since The Start Of Human Civilization?
  15. Why Is The Killer Whale A Mammal?
  16. Competition For Territories
  17. Evolution Of Complex Language And Social Behavior In Animals
  18. Evolutionary Pathways To Endoskeleton
  19. Nests For Brains: How Group Living Encourages Intelligence?
  20. How Did Giraffes Get Their Long Necks?
  21. How Did The Elephant Get Its Trunk?
  22. Why Was Darwin So Important In The Understanding Of Animal Evolution?
  23. Our Fuzzy Ancestors
  24. A Comparative Study Of The Origin Of Sea Species And Land Species Concerning Their Reproductive Biology
  25. The Development Of New Species From Existing Ones
  26. Bizarre All-White Animals That Did Not Survive
  27. Organisms In Extreme Environments
  28. How Did Animals Adapt To Different Environments?
  29. The First Vertebrates To Ever Live On Earth Where Fish
  30. The First Birds Appeared In The Jurassic Period
  31. Mammals Evolved From Reptiles
  32. How Have Ancient Life Forms Evolved Into Modern Ones?
  33. The Organisms That Have Died Out

🔍 Сontroversial Topics Evolution

Study of evolution is an exciting field to study. Let’s explore some attractive themes of evolution that can be used as evolution assignment topics for students studying this subject in school or any other academic institution.

  1. Evolution vs. Creationism
  2. Nature of Human Consciousness
  3. Genetic Modification in Plants and Animals
  4. Genetic Evidence for Common Descent
  5. Free Will vs. Determinism
  6. Are We Alone, or Are There Other Intelligent Species?
  7. Who Will The First Artificial Intelligence Be Like?
  8. What Is The Strongest Evidence For Evolution?
  9. How Does The Big Bang Theory Support Evolution?
  10. Is Evidence For And Against The Existence Of Deities A Problem For The Theory Of Evolution?
  11. Are Hallucinations A Challenge To Evolutionary Science?
  12. What Are The Main Theories On Exobiology?
  13. Does ‘Intelligent Design’ Contradict Evolutionary Theory?
  14. Has The Theory Of Natural Selection Been Discredited?
  15. Abortion – Pro-Choice Or Pro-Life
  16. Arguments Against Evolution
  17. What About The Origin Of Life
  18. Why These Gaps Are Irrelevant
  19. Evidence For Common Descent
  20. Humans And Animals In The Same Family Tree
  21. Bird And Crocodile Relationships
  22. Female Genital Mutilation
  23. The Existence Of Aliens
  24. Gay Marriage
  25. Missing Links, Faults In The Theory & Mounting Evidence
  26. Science And Religion: Why Do They Conflict?

🌳 Humanity and Evolution Topics

The study of ecology and the study of evolution are closely linked. The way in which living things interact with each other and their environment is key to understanding evolution. Here are topics for you about these incredible sciences.

  1. Ecology Of The Rainforest
  2. The Diversity Of Invertebrates
  3. Population Dynamics
  4. The Evolution Of Insecticide Resistance In Malaria-Transmitting Mosquitoes
  5. The Evolution Of Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria
  6. The Evolution Of Drug Addiction In Humans
  7. Biodiversity Loss
  8. Macroevolution And The Fossil Record
  9. Greenhouse Effect And Climate Change
  10. Biology Of The Honey Bee
  11. Importance Of Ecology In Everyday Human Life
  12. Adaptation To Environment
  13. Domestication Of Animals: The Story Of Man’s Best Friends
  14. Directed Mutations: Acquired Traits?
  15. Ecosystems On Land
  16. Evolution And The Human Body
  17. Genetic Diversity And Conservation
  18. Lethal Genes: Survival At What Price?
  19. Populations Vs. Individuals
  20. The Evolution Of The Human Brain
  21. Why Can Honeybees Dance?
  22. Apes, Chimps, And Humans
  23. What Is Artificial Selection?
  24. Plankton’s Importance To Life In The Oceans
  25. How Does Fossil Fuel Combustion Affect Ozone Depletion?
  26. Life-Forms That Have Evolved Into New Species
  27. The Many Faces Of Evolution
  28. Chemicals Can Affect Evolution
  29. Does Darwin Or Wallace Deserve Credit For The Evolution Theory?
  30. The Tree Of Life

Evolutionary science research is not easy

The reason for this is that evolution is a very complex process. It involves many factors, from genetics to habitat and environment, and it’s difficult to isolate the exact factors that lead to evolutionary changes. Additionally, there are many different types of evolution, and each one has its own set of variables that need to be studied.

As such, it can be challenging to determine what factors were responsible for evolutionary change in a particular species or population. This can make it hard to conduct studies on evolution because you might be looking at the wrong things or using improper methods.

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