101 Nursing Research Topics for Assignments

Nursing Assignment Research Topics

Regardless if you are looking for clinical nursing ideas or ER nursing projects or other healthcare assignments, having some helpful examples is always helpful. Here is the selection of good nursing research topics divided by the field of application to help your creative ideas flow:

🏥 Clinical Nursing Problems For Research Topics 

  1. The reasons behind nurse shortages in Canada.
  2. Analysis of nurse-patient ratios.
  3. How can blogging help prevent nursing burnout cases?
  4. Communication breakdowns and language barriers.
  5. The ways to administrate pain medication during the post-surgical period.
  6. Maternal factors and obesity in toddlers analysis.
  7. Reaction of school children to injuries and pain.
  8. The negative effects of radiotherapy on mental health.
  9. The importance of cultural education in clinical settings.

😷 Medical-Surgical Nursing 

  1. The importance of pharmacology skills in surgical nursing.
  2. The ways of evaluation of minor patients during the surgery preparation stage.
  3. Monitoring of vital signs with the help of AI-based tools.
  4. Accuracy and scheduling in surgical records.
  5. The most frequent challenges of medication administration.
  6. Changing surgical dressings for toddlers methods.
  7. Humanitarian relief work and medical surgical nursing.
  8. Surgical nursing differences between Canada and the United States.
  9. Ambulatory surgical care during Covid-19 times.

🌡️ Nurse Practitioner Research Topics

  1. Primary care access during social distancing restrictions.
  2. The food patterns and dermatology diseases.
  3. Coverage of oncology issues in the modern media.
  4. Stress management as a way to minimize cardiovascular problems.
  5. The moral limitations of critical care assistance during Covid-19 times.
  6. PTSD cases among administrative personnel.
  7. The ethics and public health models in rural areas of Arabic Columbia.
  8. The challenges of self-care nursing management during an emergency.
  9. Home nursing versus clinical differences.

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🦠 Controversial Nursing Topics 

  1. Nursing assistance in abortion cases.
  2. Use of marijuana for stress management purposes among nurses.
  3. Mental violence in the nursing workplace.
  4. Reporting sexual harassment among nursing specialists.
  5. Mental health patient assistance and gained PTSD.
  6. Inequality of nursing ratios in Canada.
  7. The limitations of nursing activities in critical care.
  8. Dealing with affection on behalf of patients.
  9. Euthanasia or assisted suicide: why nurses should not participate.

Remember that every controversial nursing project topic must stay within ethical guidelines, meaning that you must show respect and genuine care regardless of your position on the subject.

💉 Nursing Intervention Research Topics

  1. Dealing with Bipolar disorder patients without chemical involvement.
  2. Pain management legal limitations: dealing with migraines.
  3. Mental recovery via the means of conversation.
  4. Should nurses serve as psychiatrists for mental health patients?
  5. Modern approaches to Insomnia treatment.
  6. Providing IV fluids to dehydrated patients.
  7. Healthcare delivery to imprisoned individuals in Canada.
  8. School education and prevention of injuries among the children.
  9. Nursing Care Plan composition for acute pain management.

🧸 Pediatric Nursing

  1. ADHD among middle school children.
  2. The decrease of antibiotic resistance among pre-school children.
  3. The importance of exercising and sports medicine for high school athletes.
  4. Why Autism is not an illness.
  5. Asthma prevention and recovery methods.
  6. Congenital heart disease among infants analysis.
  7. Preparation of children for vaccination.
  8. Psychological aspects of child abuse and neglect reporting.
  9. Nocturnal enuresis and school bullying.

💊 Evidence-based Practice Nursing Research Topics

  1. Prevention of hospital-acquired infections.
  2. Why oxygen use among patients with COPD is critical.
  3. Measuring blood pressure among children and infants methods.
  4. The challenges of blood administration and related shortages.
  5. Cancer treatment with the help of restricted use chemicals.
  6. Children with disability: special healthcare environment management.
  7. Child health and maternal daily practices.
  8. The challenges of neurologic care for schizophrenia patients.
  9. The pros and cons of nursing staff screening according to Vancouver legislation.

🧠 Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

  1. Legal limitations of data collection in pre-natal healthcare practices.
  2. The mortality rates and alcohol consumption.
  3. The pros and cons of home care practices.
  4. Self-reporting AI tools in the cardiovascular field of healthcare.
  5. Observation of middle school patients with ADHD.
  6. The importance of social work and volunteering for nurses.
  7. Should nurses study business and marketing subjects?
  8. STEM education and training as a way to help nurses embrace advancements in technology.
  9. Socio-cultural aspects of mental health nursing.

🩺 Qualitative Nursing Research Topics 

  1. The factors that lead to self-abuse practices.
  2. Asthma symptoms: treatment, prevention, and diagnostics.
  3. Why some cold and cough medications are not helpful anymore?
  4. The mental aspects of Anorexia Nervosa.
  5. The dangers of telemedicine.
  6. The reasons why people link Autism to vaccination practices.
  7. Child obesity prevention methods.
  8. Dyslexia treatment methods among middle-school children.
  9. Summer camp nursing and basic safety measures.

🚑 Emergency Nursing

  1. Domestic violence reporting rules.
  2. Conversation with a child when an abuse case is suspected.
  3. Stress management and ER cooperation among nurses.
  4. The necessity of psychiatric screening of ER patients.
  5. Correct handling of pediatric fall victims.
  6. The ways to improve alcohol and drug screening practices.
  7. Working through emotions when a death of a patient occurs.
  8. The ways to improve interpersonal skills in ER nursing.
  9. Composure in stressful situations and time management methods.

💚 Mental Health Nursing Research Topics 

  1. Evaluation of aggression risks among mental health patients.
  2. Personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder relation.
  3. Privacy matters of addiction reporting.
  4. Incorrect coverage of bipolar disorder in the media.
  5. Moral side of perinatal mental health issues.
  6. Access to legal protection among drug addicts.
  7. Physical protection of nurses dealing with mental health patients.
  8. Nervous breakdowns during Covid-19 times.
  9. Military mental health and PTSD.
  10. The challenges of Geropsych nursing during pandemic times.
  11. Adolescent mental trauma and learning disabilities management.

In case you could not find something that suits your course and personal preferences in the topics presented above, you can always approach professional nursing assignment writers and let them handle your concerns. Remember that these nursing assignment topics serve as the starting points related to specific areas of nursing assignments. Your nursing research question ideas must inspire you, which is why you must start with an issue or an event that has made you pursue a nursing career, then see what ideas would sound right as you choose your topic. If it motivates you, it will help and inspire others, too!

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