Great Psychology Research Topics Are Crucial for Successful Paper

In many cases, thinking of good psychology research questions examples is harder than writing the paper itself. Instead of assigning a specific question, your professor expects you to get creative. You try really hard. But it’s impossible to force inspiration.

The psychology research project ideas will determine the success or failure of your project. Each theme overwhelms you with information, so you have to narrow it down as much as possible. You can’t write a project on the topic “propaganda,” since it’s too general. What do you do?

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How to Choose Research Questions for Psychology

  1. Start by defining your general theme. What lectures inspired you the most throughout your studies? If you’re interested in social psychology research questions, you’ll start from there.
  2. Explore that theme in detail. Conduct a detailed online search through academic and scientific studies. Write down your ideas along the way. You’ll narrow them down to a clear question that leads to specific answers.
  3. If you still don’t have a defined question, brainstorm! At this point, you already got some ideas through the research process. Try writing them down without thinking too much. You’ll choose the focus from that list.
  4. Check out some suggestions on research questions in psychology and the list of business research topics. You don’t have to choose a single one and commit to it. Maybe you’ll combine two or more suggestions to get a unique topic. Maybe one idea will inspire another one. In any case, you could benefit from a list of interesting topics that are ready to tackle. We’ll give you that list!

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40 Best Psychology Paper Topics

Mental Illness

  1. Is the concept of normal mental health idealistic?
  2. When should a depression patient refrain from taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors?
  3. Why are mental illnesses common among homeless people?
  4. Why is depression common among people in well-developed countries? Does marijuana cause schizophrenia?
  5. Compulsive buying disorder and depression – the links and treatment options
  6. Why do some people develop multiple personality disorders?
  7. What’s the most effective therapy for soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder?
  8. How exercise influences our mental health
  9. How the loss of a pet leads to depression in some people

Human Cognition

  1. Can cognitive behavioral therapy do more harm than good for criminal minds?
  2. Why does the Mandela Effect occur?
  3. How working memory affects human cognition
  4. How can people achieve balance between intelligence and instinct?
  5. Are Freud’s theories applicable to today’s cognitive therapy methods?
  6. Is it possible to tame the ego?
  7. How the psychological state affects recovery after physical illnesses
  8. Why does people’s memory decline with age?
  9. How does stress affect the learning capacity of college students?
  10. The foundations of self-reflective consciousness: research study of previous publications

Social Interaction

  1. The social media personality: how does it differ from one’s real character?
  2. Why do we treat people from different races differently?
  3. The psychology behind nationalism: is it still present in the era of globalisation?
  4. How do social media influencers affect the personality of their followers?
  5. Why does discrimination occur in societies all around the world?
  6. How does gender discrimination affect a woman’s mental health?
  7. How Twitter affects social interactions among U.S. youth
  8. Are extroverts better at communicating than introverts?
  9. The Rashomon effect: how people interpret the same situation differently
  10. The pros and cons of social media presence of elementary teachers

Human Development

  1. How does trauma from abusive relationships in teenage years affect a person’s development?
  2. What psychological background can turn a person into a stalker?
  3. The effects of separation anxiety in a child’s psychological development
  4. How having a single parent can influence a child’s development
  5. What psychological predispositions turn some children in bullies and others in victims?
  6. Why is anorexia most common among young women?
  7. How are adults affected by recent divorce of their parents?
  8. How video game addiction affects a person’s mental health
  9. The role of parents in substance abuse: how should they treat a son or daughter using narcotics?
  10. How can Art Therapy help children suffering from ADHD?

Interesting topics for nursing research.

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