45 Original US History Assignment Topics

the US history assignment topics

Even when we claim that we know enough about US history, choosing history assignment topics is far from easy. Things must be narrowed down to fit within the word count and offer something unique. One of the best ways to succeed with your history assignment is by choosing something that inspires you, a subject that you know really well. As a way to help you overcome the quest of finding amazing US history ideas, take a look at our selection and get inspired!

45 Original US History Assignment Topics To Consider

Civil War.

Choosing US history topics to write about, think about important battles and negotiations that have been either helpful or fatal for the dates in the Civil War.

  1. The character and leadership traits of Jefferson Davis.
  2. The role of the Gatling Gun in the Civil War.
  3. New York Draft Riots: the social movement analysis and anarchy.
  4. Abraham Lincoln’s assassination: the freedom of speech.
  5. The heritage of the Black Leaders during the Reconstruction era.
  6. Battle of Fort Donelson: General Ulysses Grant.
  7. Election of 1860: Abraham Lincoln vs. Stephen Douglas.
  8. Battle of Shiloh: analysis of the reasons that have led to major casualties.
  9. Emancipation Proclamation: rebellion and civil freedoms.
  10. Reconstruction and the turbulent era of the Civil War: Reconstruction Act of 1867.

Great Depression.

  1. Stock Market Crash of 1929: the cause-and-effect analysis.
  2. The social aspect of the civilian conservation corps.
  3. Hoover Dam: development during the times of despair.
  4. Social Security Act: the pros for the elderly and unemployed.
  5. The Scottsboro Boys through the lens of the modern harassment trials.
  6. The role of artists of the new deal during the Great Depression Era: the positive aspects.
  7. The Glass-Steagall Act: an end to the Wall Street monopoly of private savings?
  8. The history of bootlegging practice: the roots in the Great Depression.
  9. Tennessee Valley Authority: the first model of public ownership of available national resources.
  10. Sit-down Strike by the United Auto Workers: why has the non-violent approach been chosen?

US history assignment topics that are related to the Great Depression can work not only with the past but with the present times where Occupy Wall Street and the Black Lives Matter social protests have taken place.

Mexican-American War.

While it is not one of the easiest sociology topics to consider, turning to this American history aspect must be approached with due care and sensitivity. It does not matter what your take on the Mexican-American War might be or how it is still linked to refugees, show respect and follow academic writing guidelines.

  1. The controversy about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
  2. Negotiation style by President John Tyler during the Mexican-American War.
  3. The heroism of Zachary Taylor: the peaceful warrior.
  4. Bear Flag Revolt: the bloodless victory at Sonoma and the peace negotiations.
  5. The Battle of Palo Alto: analysis of strategic thinking.
  6. The role of the Mexican General Mariano Arista.
  7. The land disputes: Wilmot Proviso.
  8. The domination of the U.S. Senate’s southern branches during the Mexican-American War.
  9. James Buchanan: the end of slavery or bringing up of the tension as the failure of diplomacy.
  10. Analysis of military strategy by General Winfield Scott and his operation in Veracruz.

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Cold War.

It is one of the most interesting history topics to research as it is relatively not too old and we have fresh information that can be considered as a reference. Just remember that there must be two opinions discussed with no bias unless it is requested.

  1. The role of John. F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  2. Nationalisation of the Suez Canal and the role of the French in the conflict.
  3. Nikita Khruschev: careful analysis or the brute force style in negotiations?
  4. Berlin War: symbolism and the prevention of “fascism from the West”: two sides of the camp.
  5. The cultural aspect of the Soviet Union in cinematography.
  6. What has caused the collapse of the Soviet Union: an American point of view.
  7. The heritage of Glasnost and the comparison of Perestroika to the Great Depression.
  8. Have there been political prisoners in the United States during the Cold War?
  9. The Space Race: how has the situation changed two decades after the Cold War’s end?
  10. The personality of Joseph McCarthy: what has caused the censure of the American Senate.

Interesting History Topics to Research.

Of course, you can write about historical topics that will not refer to a particular era but will focus on inventors, athletes, or any other personalities that have made American history. For example:

  1. The government cooperation and the role of Nikola Tesla in American prosperity.
  2. Morse Code and the use of the telegraph in American military operations.
  3. Thomas Edison: has the business freedom of the United States history paved the way for the genius?
  4. The history of child labour in the United States: the truth about Puritan labour ethics.
  5. The history of the Homestead Strike and the nation’s history from the business angle.

Women’s Rights Movement.

As one of the crucial elements in the US history, the Women’s Rights Movement has not only shaped the society we know today but also continues to inspire current discussions on gender equality.

Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War is a significant part of American history, with several lessons on foreign policy, democracy, and military strategy.

  1. The role of the US in the Vietnam War: justifications and controversies.
  2. The influence of the anti-war movement on the Vietnam War.
  3. The Tet Offensive: turning point in the Vietnam War.
  4. The My Lai Massacre: war crimes and military ethics.
  5. The Pentagon Papers: press freedom and government transparency.
  6. The legacy of the Vietnam War on American foreign policy.
  7. Analysis of the Vietnam War strategy under President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Civil Rights Movement.

The Civil Rights Movement is a fundamental part of US history, marking a significant step towards racial equality.

Remember, choosing a topic that resonates with you and understanding its historical context are crucial steps in creating an impactful assignment. Happy researching!

The Role of The U.S. History & Topic Choice Recommendations

When you are choosing a competitive history topic, it is essential to choose only those subjects that can be narrowed down. For example, if you choose something like “What has caused the American Civil War?”, it would be too broad and you just would not be able to fit within a competitive thesis. It would be much better to continue with “The social aspect of the causes that have led to the Civil War” as one of the options. Start with the key dates and personalities, social movements, and the facts that will be vital for any US history assignment. If all of this sounds too complex, consider history assignments writing help where the trained experts will be able to assist you with anything from good topic choice to editing and proofreading to make things perfect. After all, finding unique history assignment ideas is never easy, which is why getting some guidance is only helpful!

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