Good Debate Topics To Fit American Political/Historical Context

Debates and discussions are usually perceived as the sources of truth and honesty. The art of leading debates has been recognized as a must for politicians, diplomats, TV presenters, and state representatives.

Thus, debates have been introduced into the academic program. Now they are considered to be an essential part of the educational process, leaving many students wondering how to choose the best debate topics and prepare to present facts.

Many young people find it quite engaging to deepen and widen their knowledge in a particular field to come up with evidence and facts that prove their position in a debate. However, many students have problems while they are preparing, starting from choosing debatable topics through to expressing their position and drafting the speech. Students should focus on their personal interests and the relevance of the topics for debate while choosing. They should engage the audience and speak or write about something that will definitely interest the audience. The best topics should be tricky, catchy and controversial enough to make people think and form their own opinion regarding the subject matter. Thus, the team of prepared several tips for students to choose good debate topics and reach their academic excellence.

How To Choose A Debate Topic

Where can you find easy education debate topics? Just look around and analyze what problem your society has, but it should not be necessarily the right topic to choose.

Here are some tips to make the right choice:

  1. Focus on what interests you
    Great topics are those that make you dig deeper and know more. If you are already an expert in something, use this as our advantage
  2. Make the topic interesting for your audience
    Be prepared for the hot competition. Your topic should be relevant to the news or subjects that are on the rise in your community. Also, you can add historical and political context as well as some fun to make the audience interested.
  3. Consider the level of your audience
    Other people may not know that much as you already know about the topic. For example, the level of teens and adults will be completely different. Mind this while choosing some popular debate topics.
  4. Do not forget about the time and resources you have
    You should make your debate speech as concise as possible while covering all important aspects. Also, think of what current resources you can use to sound more confident.
  5. Get help from the professional writer who has a broad experience.

How To Debate Using Pro And Con Arguments

Most importantly, when going into a debate, you should remember that your opponent will have the opposite opinion regarding your topic, and you need to be ready for this. Thus, you should prepare for your controversial debate topics considering the pro and con arguments. The best way is to analyze the topic and determine the points where your opponents or your audience may have different opinions on what you are saying. By doing this, you will see the whole picture. However, you need to know how to do it right. Please review the following example to see how it can be done:

Pro: Facebook and other social media helped people find friends worldwide.

Con: Social media, including Facebook, have made people lonelier than they have ever been in history.

Pro: You can socialize without leaving your home.

Con: Socializing sometimes takes all our free time.

Best List Of Good Debate Topics

Here we offer our top list of the most interesting debate topics in 2019 that may help you get more passionate about going into a debate:

  1. Would you choose to be rich but cheat people or poor but honest?
  2. Death penalty: should it be abolished in the modern era?
  3. Police abuse of power: how we can deal with it?
  4. Online payments versus cash transactions.
  5. GMO in food: is it beneficial or harmful?
  6. Climate change and global efforts towards its prevention.
  7. Social networking platforms cause more damage than good.
  8. Nature versus nurture: what affects us more genes or society we live in?
  9. Nuclear proliferation across the world.
  10. Should euthanasia be allowed globally?
  11. Use of stem cells in cancer treatment.

Three Types Of Debate Motions/Debate Topics

If you have ever googled “debate topics the United States,” you may have noticed that there are three kinds of propositions for debates. Here they are:

Motions of value require fewer preparations since they stem from one’s personal beliefs where any change is less likely to occur. This kind is used for less formal debate formats and is often opinion based.

Motions of fact require solid evidence since it is based on true or false criteria. They are often supported by extended preparation, as some research is needed to back a certain position.

Policy motions generally require research and planning since it calls for a change or an action. The ultimate goal is to convince the audience that the suggested is beneficial for the majority.

Types Of Debate Topics By Format

Debate topics can be different by format as well. Controversial debate topics are one of the most challenging for a student. They cover important issues and require solid arguments since they bring intensive public discussion. Persuasive debate topics try to persuade the audience and cover important issues that people care about. Argumentative debate topics cover problems that you can deliberate. They require deep and comprehensive research as well as solid proof of your opinion.

Debate Topics By Levels Of Education

There are different debates topics for students depending on the level of their education. Thus, you should choose them appropriately for each age and education group. Debate topics for primary students should not be complex since they are not experienced in adult problems. Middle School students are capable of discussing more complex issues which require their critical thinking skills. Debate topics for high school students can be more engaging and serious. They should be more controversial topics and complex to let them gain new knowledge. Debate topics for college or university students can be controversial, relevant, and meaningful. It should stimulate their knowledge and skills. As for the undergraduates, choosing a good topic is half of success. The right topic should be interesting and relevant, focusing on the most critical issues in the scientific society or community.

List Of Debate Topics By Field Of Knowledge

Here is the list of the best American debate topics you can use for your inspiration:


  1. Do we need to know our history?
  2. Arabic monarchs and their legacy.
  3. Where does history end and myths start?
  4. The role of the Arabic Empire.
  5. The Revolutionary War.
  6. World War Two: Alternative views.
  7. Ancient Romans and Greeks.
  8. Historical background of the Soviet Union.
  9. The roles of the USA in World War II.
  10. North Korea peace process.
  11. Should immigrants be tested on the knowledge of history and language?

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  1. Home-schooling and its benefits.
  2. Homework: is it old-fashioned or still a necessity?
  3. The role of college education in your career.
  4. Standardized tests and examinations: do we miss geniuses by making everything one-size-fits-all?
  5. Early admission policies in colleges and universities.
  6. Music and art classes at school.
  7. Free education for every citizen.
  8. Knowledge of foreign languages and their importance in school.
  9. Educational reform: how should it be?
  10. Scholarships and grants for athletes.
  11. Uniform in schools: do we need it?
  12. Computers, phones and tablets: do they help in education?
  13. Should school uniforms be compulsory?
  14. Electoral colleges should be cancelled.
  15. Should school last all year long?
  16. Community service at schools should be compulsory.
  17. Physical education in school is a must.
  18. Higher education as a chance to have a better career.
  19. Improving education in America by creating equal opportunities.
  20. International students and their effect on education in America.
  21. The harm and benefit of a standardized educational approach to different students.


  1. Should the US voting system be changed?
  2. The U.S. foreign policy.
  3. How do you support your candidate during elections?
  4. The U.S. involvement in Iraq and Syria.
  5. American political parties.
  6. The role of the United States in World War II.
  7. How will the voting process change in the future?
  8. Republic or monarchy: what is better?
  9. Why people seek democracy?
  10. The impact of politics on the economy and finance.
  11. The government shutdown in the U.S.

Health and Medicine

  1. Should smoking in public places be banned?
  2. Euthanasia and the right to live.
  3. Should marijuana be legalized?
  4. Sports and drugs: how we should fight against any doping?
  5. How technologies influence our health?
  6. How harmful is drinking at a young age?
  7. Why should doctors refrain from antibiotics?
  8. Alternative medicine: pros and cons.
  9. What are the hazards of the Internet for our health?
  10. The impact of pollution on our health.
  11. Medical breakthroughs and phenomena.

Psychology, Sociology and Ethic

  1. School mass shootings: should guns be banned from easy access?
  2. The right to carry guns and defend themselves.
  3. Same-sex marriage: why should it be legal?
  4. Adoption: what are the criteria and policies governing it?
  5. The reasons why people adopt children.
  6. Abortion: should it be legal?
  7. Religion: should people be free to choose what they believe in?
  8. Prostitution: should it be legalized?
  9. God: has anyone seen Him to prove His existence?
  10. How far has science developed during the recent decade?
  11. Is hunting ethical?
  12. Is bullying ethical?
  13. How do people gather in social groups?
  14. How do sects change people’s behavior?
  15. Should smoking be banned nationwide?
  16. How to explain violent behavior among students?
  17. Why have children become so violent and aggressive recently?
  18. How do moral values differ across different nations and social groups?
  19. Wrong role models in families cause mental disorders.
  20. Drug abuse: is there any way to ban drugs?
  21. Should students study ethics in schools?


  1. Tests on animals: should this practice be abolished?
  2. Ecology: how we can protect our nature?
  3. Cities of the future: how will they look like in 200 years?
  4. Explain why plastic packages should be out of use.
  5. How to prevent cutting down trees?
  6. Oil drilling and wildlife.
  7. Zoos: is it humane to keep animals in captivity?
  8. How do we care about wildlife?
  9. How does human activity cause global climate change?
  10. How can we save the environment for our children?
  11. How can we prevent an environmental catastrophe?
  12. Is solar energy more expensive?
  13. Alternative energy sources.
  14. Vegetarianism: pros and cons.
  15. Vehicle fuel economy standards.
  16. Reforestation as a solution to the global warming problem.
  17. How to prevent deforestation?
  18. Should countries have special taxation for transportation?
  19. How does international aviation affect the environment?
  20. Should people be paid for not harming the environment?
  21. The best ideas to help save the environment.

Leisure (Sports, Games, Etc.)

  1. Books and TV: what is more interesting?
  2. Games and VT: what to choose?
  3. Social networking and real-life socialization.
  4. Should violent video games be banned?
  5. Is art therapy good for psychology?
  6. How can we use video games in education?
  7. Is listening to music good for pregnant women?
  8. Are concerts good or bad for people?
  9. How does social media make us lonelier?
  10. Can music reduce stress?
  11. Are movies good for education?
  12. Policy and Finance
  13. Should the voting age be lowered?
  14. Taxation: is it good or bad?
  15. Can financial problems destroy our country?
  16. Who benefits from wars?
  17. Why are wars economically profitable for some states?
  18. Will we have paper money in 15 years?
  19. Who will be elected as a President in the USA in 2020?
  20. Should we trust banks?
  21. Is it important to make people more financially aware?
  22. Is mobile banking secure?
  23. What are the main factors of economic stability?

Science and Technology

  1. What is the best search engine?
  2. How to protect your personal data online?
  3. What are the benefits of technology development?
  4. Are smartphones good for us?
  5. Should children have smartphones?
  6. Can science and religion coexist peacefully?
  7. Is online education more effective than traditional?
  8. Should people go to Mars as tourists?
  9. Technologies threatening our future.
  10. Fully automated cars: pros and cons.
  11. Can science do without animal testing?
  12. Do you believe that economically space travel is worth the cost?
  13. Genetically modified organisms.
  14. Genetically modified children: do we have the right to interfere?
  15. How social media and TV technologies influence people’s way of living?
  16. Are people who are good at math more successful?
  17. Should technologies develop so fast?
  18. Is it really possible that technologies will work against us in the future?
  19. How do we manage new knowledge, and does it have limitations?
  20. Why there is still no treatment against AIDS and cancer?
  21. What is the future of internet technology?

Funny And Interesting Debate Topics

Funny debate topics can be easily found online. They provide you with an opportunity to make friends with your audience while influencing their opinions. This is a perfect opportunity to set your creativity free and engage in hilarious communication, which benefits you and your opponent, as well as the audience. However, such debates still require preparation. Sometimes, it takes even more efforts than the preparation for some conventional debate topics.

Here is the list of several most popular topics that can be fun and interesting:

  1. Are celebrities good role models?
  2. What is better: daydreaming or night dreaming?
  3. What is the best TV show you have ever watched?
  4. What is the real job of superheroes?
  5. Should students be banned from using social networks in school?
  6. What are the pros and cons of being a woman?
  7. What are the pros and cons of being a man?
  8. How can school bullying be dealt with?
  9. Should we allow human cloning?
  10. Sex education: do we need it at school?
  11. Should parents set on parent control on their children’s devices?

The right debate topic is not easy to choose. However, having read our article, you must have chosen several topics that interest you the most. Choose one of them and prepare well by studying different opinions. Remember: your goal is to make your audience think critically.

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