130 Best Political Science Topics for Assignment

Political Science Assignment Topics

What Is Political Science?

The study of political science is the study of the systems and institutions of government and the relationships between governments and citizens. It covers a wide range of topics, from the analysis of political behavior to the study of international relations.

Political science is a branch of social science that deals with the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems.

10 main areas of political science:

  1. Comparative politics
  2. International relations
  3. Political theory
  4. Public administration
  5. Public policy
  6. Political economy
  7. Methodology
  8. History
  9. Law
  10. Statistics

Current political science issues to write about:

Historical Political Science Topics

Most Common Easy Political Science Research Topics

American Political Science Topics

Canadian Political Science Topics

Deep Research Topics in Political Science

Women in Political Science

Debate Topics in Political Science

10 Controversial Topics in Political Science

Speech Topics in Political Science

Youth Political Science Topics

International relations topics

Public Administration Topics

How to Choose a Topic for a Political Science Assignment

When choosing a topic for a political science assignment, it is important to consider what interests you and what is happening in the world around you. There are many different subfields within political science, so it is helpful to narrow your focus to a specific area. Once you have chosen a general area, you can begin to narrow your focus even further by considering what topics are most relevant to your interests and the current political landscape. Once you have a few potential topics in mind, it is important to consult with your instructor to ensure that your chosen topic is appropriate for the assignment.

There is no definitive answer for how to choose a topic for a political science assignment, but the following five steps may be helpful:

  1. Start by considering your interests. What topics in political science are you particularly passionate about?
  2. Once you’ve identified a few potential topics, narrow your focus by considering which of these topics would be most appropriate for the particular assignment you’re working on.
  3. Research your chosen topic to see if it has been adequately covered in the existing literature.
  4. Make sure your topic is interesting and feasible to research within the time frame you have.
  5. Get feedback from your instructor or peers on your chosen topic to make sure it is suitable for the assignment.

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