30 Business Management Assignment Topics

Business Assignment Topics

The subject of business management is one of the most varied fields of study. That is why choosing a competitive topic often appears quite challenging for college students. The most important aspect is choosing something that inspires you by researching the topic first and determining what sub-field is being researched. Take a look at our fresh selection of business management assignment topics that can be used as the starting points as you brainstorm various ideas. Regardless if you choose financial business management or focus on communications or HR resources, the purpose is to provide your audience with an inspiring hook sentence that will lead to your main thesis. Once you choose a good business management topic for your assignment, achieving that will be much easier!

30 Business Management Assignment Topics

πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ Arabic Business Management Assignment Topics

The majority of Arabic students involved in business management studies, debates, or dissertation writing often turn to local issues and case study writing for business management purposes. If you already have a prompt from your college professor, start by looking for evidence. Keeping these challenges in mind, our experts came up with a list of specific Arabic business management ideas to help you start:

  1. Business corporate culture in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. A comparison of current trends in the retail sector in the UAE vs the United States.
  3. The rules of advertising and the role of Virgin Media in SMM marketing.
  4. The pros and cons of negotiation and diplomacy followed by the Arabic business schools.
  5. An impact of Covid-19 on marketing logistics and consumer satisfaction.
  6. The workplace harassment reporting in the United Arab Emirates.

πŸ“ž Communicative Business Management Assignment Ideas

As a rule, business management that deals with communication relates to customer relationships and the resolution of various conflicts that a person encounters in a business environment. It also relates to management styles and the challenges of getting one’s message across. Here are some business communication assignment topics to consider:

  1. Pros and cons of the authoritarian management style in small corporations.
  2. How do social distancing and pandemic times affect the methods of customer satisfaction evaluation?
  3. The Scandinavian business communication model: should informal relations be acceptable?
  4. The role of employment screening methods and racial prejudice cases in the United Arab Emirates.
  5. The use of mediation when dealing with abusive and rude customers.
  6. An analysis of the positive influence and social media for business objectives.

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🌎 International Business Management Topics

Dealing with international business, you must start with an outline that contains two columns where you write down the most evident facts and compare things by finding major or minor differences. For example, you may compare Arabic management methods with those practiced in Germany or the United States. See these international business ideas:

  1. The pros and cons of outsourcing as a method of cutting down business management expenses in the UAE.
  2. Customer satisfaction disputes in the United States vs Arabic conflict resolution methods.
  3. Business trade agreements through the lens of the EU and post-Brexit regulations.
  4. Consumer risks related to online shopping and protection of the local retail stores.
  5. The share of Asian markets in the United Arab Emirates: copycat products challenge.
  6. Bank merging and business management of international online transactions.

πŸ˜‡ Business Management Ethical Assignment Ideas

Business management ethics represent one of the most difficult topics in the field, yet it is often chosen by college students in the United Arab Emirates and beyond because there are numerous case studies available. For example, you can write about discrimination, workplace harassment, health safety in the workplace, or write business environmental assignment. Here are some business assignment topics for research in this field:

  1. Is the concept of Social Corporate Responsibility bringing more harm than help?
  2. The most efficient environmental protection methods within a corporate business environment?
  3. Ethical training sessions: calculation of approximate costs for the implementation of business ethics.
  4. Business ethics practiced by the local councils and community management in the Arabic countryside.
  5. Understanding integrity and trust: the role of a positive example.
  6. Abuse of leadership authority and corporate espionage.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό Business Management Human Resources Assignment Topics

Due to their apparent complexity and the necessity of additional research, HR relates to higher business management assignment topics. Don’t let it frighten you as our HR assignment help experts have prepared a list of interesting business management HR topics that you can use to get into the creative mode:

  1. The use of AI-based tools in employment screening practices.
  2. Is the presence of soft skills estimated by the business manager or the diploma?
  3. The decrease in IT-sector employment in the United Arab Emirates during the pandemic times.
  4. Strategic HR management methods and the cases of gender or racial discrimination.
  5. Remote human resources training vs in-person tutoring: cons and pros.
  6. HR business management through the lens of technical regulations and legislation.

πŸ’Ό Business modelling assignment topics for 2023

  1. Developing a business model for a new product launch
  2. Business modelling for a start-up company
  3. Business modelling for a small business
  4. Business modelling for a family business
  5. Business modelling for a franchise6. Business modelling for a hotel
  6. Business modelling for a restaurant
  7. Business modelling for a retail store
  8. Business modelling for an online business
  9. Business modelling for a manufacturing business
  10. Investigating the most effective business models for start-ups
  11. Determining the key factors for success in small businesses
  12. Examining the unique challenges of family businesses
  13. Investigating the most successful business models for franchises
  14. Determining the key factors for success in the hotel industry
  15. Investigating the most successful restaurant business models
  16. Examining the challenges and opportunities of retail businesses
  17. Investigating the most successful online business models
  18. Determining the key factors for success in manufacturing businesses
  19. Examining the impact of business model innovation on business success

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