80 Assignment Topics On Entrepreneurship in 2023

Entrepreneurship Assignment Topics

What is an Entrepreneurship Assignment?

In simple terms, entrepreneurship can be defined as the practice that aims to establish, evaluate, and achieve success with a particular idea, notion, school of thought, or startup. The trick is dealing with innovations and taking the risks. At the same time, in writing about this subject, one must talk about the vision a person has and the tools that may help to achieve success. As the most prominent examples, we can talk about Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates. As you explore entrepreneurship assignment topics, you may very well become the next person to change the world.

Who Studies Entrepreneurship?

The majority of students that study entrepreneurship relate to Business Management and Marketing. Still, these are only about 50% of college learners that focus on this type of academic study. The other disciplines include Sociology, Political Sciences, History, Anthropology, Environmental Sciences, Journalism, Healthcare, HR Management majors, and Data Science specialists. As long as some ideas must be promoted, the students are free to examine the challenges of entrepreneurship. As a way to help you achieve success, take a look at the 80 assignment topics on entrepreneurship that have been divided by subject.

80 Inspiring Entrepreneurship Topics by Categories

💰 Small Business Entrepreneurship

When you are running a small business, it can be anything from being a freelance translator with several good friends or working as a group of programmers. It’s one of the most popular business assignment topics of entrepreneurship where things mostly go smoothly.

  1. The ethical standards for small businesses in the United States.
  2. Should schools and colleges allow students to start a small business?
  3. The role model in the small business: what social skills must be present?
  4. The personality of Steve Jobs as an individual through small business entrepreneurship.
  5. Small business estimation: how to determine available resources.
  6. Protection of intellectual property when dealing with industry giants.
  7. The case study of Rickenbacker corporations and the small guitar luthiers.
  8. The importance of legal knowledge and consulting for small-to-medium businesses.
  9. The share of responsibilities in small businesses.
  10. The British style of small business entrepreneurship vs the American way of doing things.

👩‍💼 Corporative Entrepreneurship

When you are a representative of a large corporation or belong to a company that uses you to promote their services and skills, check these topics for entrepreneurship assignment below:

  1. Corporate ethics through the lens of political systems.
  2. The case study of Apple Inc: the role of the luxury brands.
  3. The personality of Bill Gates: an example of an entrepreneur.
  4. Socio-cultural aspect of being a part of the corporation.
  5. Biased attitude of Amazon corporation towards the premium customers.
  6. The peculiarities of being popular in a digital realm in 2022.
  7. Corporate solidarity: the pros and cons of behavior patterns.
  8. Estimation of available resources when dealing with the creation of a brand.
  9. Historical aspect of customer loyalty and the benefits of large corporations.
  10. Large companies and division of business branches entrepreneurship.

📈 Scalable Startup Entrepreneurship

When you want to change the world and use some startup that will require an investment, it belongs here. It always requires analysis, estimation, and time, which is why you have to scale things down and keep your ideas flexible. Here are some assignment topics for entrepreneurship to consider:

  1. The most efficient ways to present a startup in 2022.
  2. The ways how pandemic times have changed the attitude toward startups.
  3. How can a college student protect an intellectual idea.
  4. Protection of intellectual property when you are a school student.
  5. Sharing of royalties when dealing with a successful startup.
  6. Estimation of budget and resources when dealing with a bright idea.
  7. American vs British styles of reaching for success.
  8. The importance of Khan Academy and Udemy free online courses for entrepreneurship.
  9. Analysis of economic tools that assist small developers to shape their budgets.
  10. The role of video presentations and content localization.

🌐 International (Global) Entrepreneurship

When you are working globally and implementing sourcing from various countries, you may consider checking international projects or volunteering as one of the options. It’s also possible to consider business communication assignment topics by focusing on global issues.

  1. The cultural challenges between the Eastern and the Western societies.
  2. The role of linguistic interpretation when presenting your projects abroad.
  3. The pros and cons of globalization: India and Great Britain.
  4. How can college students present their university projects worldwide.
  5. Role of the developing countries and the transnational corporations.
  6. How can the local failure in entrepreneurship help to achieve success abroad
  7. Global initiatives: the case of social media influencers.
  8. Charity initiatives and the role of international scouting.
  9. How can being a cosmopolitan individual help to achieve business success internationally.
  10. The role of music, arts, and culture plays an essential role in humanitarian success.

👨‍💼 Social Entrepreneurship

The purpose here is not to make as much as you can but to serve people. It is a “service to others” type of entrepreneurship where you bring individuals together and work on a project like helping autistic children or addressing domestic violence somewhere in Chili or Texas. Here are social topics on entrepreneurship assignment:

  1. The use of celebrities to address the problem of domestic violence.
  2. Promotional movies about heroic actions as a way to highlight the role of the police.
  3. The problem of child abuse and the case study of Disney movies to discuss the issue.
  4. ADHD students and the development of special software that helps students learn.
  5. The social aspect of being an entrepreneur: money versus recognition.
  6. The role of women in India: empowering the ladies through education.
  7. The history of Black Lives Matter and the people behind the campaign.
  8. The social environment in the United States: religion and politics.
  9. The importance of charity and social initiatives handled by college students.
  10. The presence of Sociology and Psychology skills for entrepreneurship.

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🌳 Environmental Entrepreneurship

When you are fighting for nature and want to save the Amazon forests as one of the projects, you may become an environmental entrepreneur. Here are some ideas that are worth checking for entrepreneurship assignment help if you are planning to write an assignment dealing with this branch:

  1. The controversy of the Green Energy projects: the money tree.
  2. How can gas emissions and school education help the environment?
  3. The role of scouting for the protection of our nature.
  4. How can recognition of environmental initiatives among corporations help spread the word?
  5. The challenge of Amazon forests and social media.
  6. The pollution of the rivers by corporations: why do “solidarity chains” prevent dealing with a problem?
  7. Cryptocurrencies: the global warming hoax?
  8. The problem of the Nord Stream and the political resolution of the conflicts.
  9. The culture of keeping our nature clean: the touristic initiatives.
  10. How can a social project be estimated when you are a small entrepreneur?

💻 Technopreneurship

As the title implies, we are dealing with technology, which means that this type of entrepreneurship branch can deal with Facebook and the trends on Instagram among other things. You can also talk about some NASA-based technologies if you are majoring in engineering! You can also consider business management topics if you are dealing with an IT project. See these ideas:

  1. The use of AI-based tools for voice recognition to help dyslexic students.
  2. The cons and pros of smartphone use: the role of entrepreneurship to prevent phone addiction.
  3. The role of athletes is to help introduce technology for the reduction of stress.
  4. The older generation and the technology gap: the role of advertisement.
  5. How can the problem of technology access be addressed with the help of entrepreneurs.
  6. Pandemic times: what have we learned from the use of video conferencing.
  7. The accessibility factor: when to draw the line when people need to contact you?
  8. Taking the break from technology: how much rest should an entrepreneur have?
  9. Financial profits and the morals: how can technology help keep the right balance.
  10. Technocratic society: what are the cons and pros.

🤑 Imitator Entrepreneurship 

It is one of those educational methods where a student can practice by mimicking the work and tricks of an entrepreneur. You may consider these helpful assignment ideas if you want to write a reflective essay.

  1. The use of an outline for a charity project.
  2. The importance of a role model for the modern youth.
  3. How can college students imitate a successful entrepreneur?
  4. The use of stylish clothes and accuracy for being an entrepreneur.
  5. The role of passion and motivation when delivering the message.
  6. The importance of urgent decision-making.
  7. Stress management strategies when planning to become an entrepreneur.
  8. Creation of a business idea: when to narrow things down.
  9. The role of networking in becoming a successful individual.
  10. Why rationality is not always the right path for entrepreneurship?

How to Choose The Right Topic and Compose an Entrepreneurship Assignment

It should be something that inspires you because if you choose something that sounds bleak to you, it won’t bring the passion out of your heart. When you plan to write an assignment based on a certain business, introduce the primary subject and determine what kind of entrepreneurship is being discussed. You may approach business decision-making assignment help online and start with a list of objectives.

Regarding the structure, it depends on your essay type. In most cases, include the following sections:

  • Introduction with the main idea (thesis)
  • Three to five body paragraphs (your arguments and pieces of evidence to support your idea)
  • Counter-arguments paragraph that may solve the challenges that other people have
  • Conclusion with a call to action or the moral lesson.

Of course, if you want to consider entrepreneurship topics for research by taking a personal approach or based on your unique idea, keep your tone narrative and keep things chronological to explain your thoughts. Proofread and edit your writing, focus on readability, and add vivid imagery to keep your assignment powerful!

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