30 Physics Assignment Topics to Blow Your Professor’s Mind

As a rule, college students majoring in Physics prefer doing laboratory work or practical tasks instead of writing. Still, there are some written assignments that must be done, which makes choosing a list of physics topics essential. As a way to help you get creative and come up with successful ideas, we worked hard to create a list of thirty assignment topics to let you start.

Remember that regardless if you would like to explore quantum research or work with optics, it is necessary to check your sources and give due credit by citing things correctly. It will help you to avoid plagiarism and get your facts straight as you choose your Physics topics.

⚙️ Classical mechanics

Classical mechanics represent one of the most popular physical theories that focus on the description and studies of motion in a macroscopic realm. Since it is used in projecting machinery and astronomical objects as well, the list of topics is virtually endless, including Newtonian mechanics.

  1. Newton’s Laws Circular Motion: between momentum and impulse.
  2. The continuous systems and the role of drag forces in drone building.
  3. Collision Theory based on the CERN analysis of the Large Hadron Collider.
  4. Continuous mass transfer torque: rocket sled problem and dry mass equality.
  5. The role of the mechanical behavior materials study vs analysis of the discrete particles.

🌡️ Thermodynamics

In simple terms, this field of Physics will relate to the physical properties of matter based on heat, energy, and various relations. As students have to deal with energy transformations and interactions that come along, the following topics will be great as the starting points:

  1. The role of energy in closed vs open systems.
  2. The use of AI-based tools in the studies of energy systems changes as the modelling of real-life situations.
  3. Properties of pure substances through the lens of Zeroth Law.
  4. How should Vapor-liquid-solid phase equilibrium be approached to achieve equations of state?
  5. The importance of compressibility factor while working with non-ideal conditions based on the Redlich-Kwong pattern.

🌩️ Electromagnetism and photonics

Among other subjects that can be chosen here, you may research electromagnetic radiation and study wave-like patterns under different conditions. If it sounds like rocket science (pun intended!), check these physics topics to research:

  1. Analysis of electromagnetic spectrum based on different types of radiation: Chernobyl case study.
  2. Why is Planck’s solution essential for the calculation of the energy of the photon, based on wavelength frequency.
  3. Interactions of EM radiation upon the molecular level: Perseverance mission statistical analysis.
  4. Heisemberg’s Uncertainty Principle: how has Physics evolved in the calculation of the wave-particle duality?
  5. Optical analysis of the microwaves: artificial retina projects.

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⚛️ Quantum mechanics & atomic physics

Even though Quantum Physics is a challenging branch to study, consider looking into these interesting Physics topics for assignments:

  1. The Pauli exclusion principle and the factor of quantum indeterminacy.
  2. An infrared divergence and transition amplitude calculation when dealing with soft photons.
  3. The Bohr model and the Quantum Mechanical modelling: the major differences in observation.
  4. Scientific competence in quantum mechanics through the social aspect of fundamental ideas in Physics.
  5. The role of relativity in the quantum field theory: classical vs theoretical framework.

🌊 Optics and acoustics

This field of Physics explores acoustic vibrations, modulations, light waves, and various comparisons. The majority of Physics assignment topics should start with the real-life application and the use of combinatory writing where sound and light waves can be chosen as an example.

Here are some Physics ideas that can be chosen as the starting points to help you overcome writer’s block:

  1. The Doppler Effect in real-life: sources and receivers in studio environment stereo.
  2. Interference of acoustic and the light waves in optical medical systems: NHS case study.
  3. Analysis of the optic equilibrium: motion of the waves (guitar string sound generation).
  4. Gravitational waves and the environmental studies of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.
  5. Behavioural patterns analysis approach and the Total Internal Reflection pattern.

⚡ High-energy particle physics 

Also known as Particle Physics, it is one of the most difficult areas to explore as it usually goes beyond the textbook. Here are some topics that you should explore if you are ready to challenge yourself:

  1. The controversy regarding Dark Matter and model building of astroparticle physics as the scientific approach.
  2. Why QCD is essential for the study of the Collider Physics: CERN case study example and statistical data.
  3. The role of interdisciplinary physics through the lens of the Accelerator Stewardship methodology.
  4. Energy Frontier vs Cosmic Frontier as the way to explore high-energy Physics.
  5. An exploration of energetic collisions of high-energy particles: what circumstances are essential?

The Matter of Provided Examples & Applicability 

Even though providing good examples would be natural for subjects like Sociology or Nursing, Physics also falls into this category. All types of theoretical writing will include at least one sample that explains the methodology that has been chosen. Just like Chemistry assignment topics where you provide formulas and compare things, the majority of subjects dealing with Physics will be explored in a much better way if you can explain how something can be implemented in practice with the help of clear and logical examples. Once you keep this fact in mind, choosing your topic will be much easier. However, if you still feel stuck and do not know how to complete your task, approach Physics assignments writing and let our friendly experts assist you with anything from topic selection to final proofreading.

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