List of Helpful Resources for Veterans

An Extensive List of Vital Resources For Veterans In Need

A veteran is a person who has spent years in serving armed forces, particularly someone who has assisted in combats. It also includes the National Reserve and Guard.

The term is generally applied to those great people who served for about 20 years or even more. It is also valid for those who have served just one tour of responsibility. According to a study, there are approximately 18.8 million veterans who live in the United States. It means they are around 7.6% of the entire US population. List of helpful resources for veterans can be of great assistance for those looking to get veteran benefits in different areas of the country. Let’s check out these veteran resources.

Helpful Veteran Resources



Apply for Benefits

Veteran Health Management

Manage Benefits

Financial Resources for Veterans

America’s military veterans deserve a lot of gratitude and respect from the US citizens. Many old-timers struggle to support their families after the completion of their military services. Here are great financial veterans’ assistance programs that offer true help to old hands suffering from financial troubles.

The American Legion Financial Assistance

The American Legion is a financial assistance program that has been designed to support families with minor kids. They offer decent cash grants to facilitate payment for medical expenses, food, housing, and utilities. The objective is to ensure a stable domestic life for kids. You can check your eligibility criteria here.

Hope for Warriors

This service delivers a complete care cycle to post 9/11 veterans, their entire families and the relatives of the fallen. Hope for the Warriors program includes career transition help for veterans and critical care cooperation. You can apply for the service here.

US Cares

The ‘US Cares’ is one of those veteran support groups that aim to provide financial assistance to veterans who struggle to cover their primary monthly expenditure such as utilities or rents. You can check your eligibility criteria and start your grant application process here. Remember, they offer an average grant of $650, which can be really beneficial while meeting monthly expenses.

Health and Wellness Resources

You may be qualified for various physical and mental health benefits if you have served in the US military. The Veteran Affairs (VA) Department operates health and wellness programs for patriotic senior citizens. These benefits include the following:

Find Medical Facilities of VA

You will need to select one particular VA site for your routine checkup when you register for VA well-being benefits. The department of VA can refer you to other places in case you require specialty care.

You can use the facility locator to check out VA medical facilities, clinics, and centers.


See Your Eligibility

Veterans can be eligible for health benefits offered by VA if:

  • They did not get a disreputable discharge
  • They worked on active duty

Apply for VA Curative Benefits

You can easily apply for the medical health benefits from VA using their online platform, phone number, or email address. The Department of Veteran Affairs will decide your case and make the judgment within one week.

VA HealthCare Problems Faced by Veterans

If you come across any problem with VA medical center, health care provider, or any other thing related to your care, you can simply opt for the following solutions:

You can get more relevant information by calling at 1-877-222-VETS.

Social Support Resources

Team RWB (Red, White & Blue)

Team RWB offers veteran assistance by connecting them to the community through social and physical activities. The core purpose of this service is to enrich lives of veterans. Check them here.

Team Rubicon

They unite the experiences and skills of veterans with first responders to quickly organize emergency response squads. See Team Rubicon USA.

The Mission Continues

They focus on empowering veterans facing challenging situations to adjust their lives at home. The Mission Continues team also help them in finding new missions after their retirements. The organization help veterans serve the country through new ways. Their programs and services are expanded across the country.

Feed Our Vets

Feed Our Vets has been offering free food assistance to over 20,000 veterans alongside their families since 2008. The organization has successfully distributed around 445,000 lbs. of healthy food to needy veteran families.

Employment Resources

Unemployment is one of the biggest concerns for long-serviced veterans. There are a number or organizations working to help provide veterans with good employment opportunities.

American Job Centers

The Service Locator of USA connects American citizens to training and employment opportunities available at different local job centers across the country. This online platform gives complete contact information for a wide array of local jobs or services.

Work for Warriors (National Reserve and Guard)

The California Department of Military is a community-based support group, which is based upon four pillars: The California Air National Guard, The California Community and Youth Programs, The California Army National Guard, and the California State Military Reserve.

NVF (The National Veteran Foundation)

This is a dedicated job board that offers varied listings of jobs in all parts of the country and tells about companies that are interested in hiring veterans. Visit their website here.

Small Businesses (Disabled and SBA Veterans)

If you are service-disabled veteran or simply a veteran who doesn’t want to do the job, SBA provides complete support to help you begin and grow your small business in the United States. Check complete details here.

The National Cancer Military Fund

The National Cancer Military Fund is a program of the “National Cancer Assistance Foundation”, dedicated to helping active military members, veterans and their families struggling with the effects of cancer. The organization provides financial assistance for those who struggle to cover their primary monthly expenditure such as utilities or rents. You can check your eligibility criteria and start your grant application process at

Veterans of a country spend precious time of life to make their nation feel secure. They stay away from homes for years and sacrifice everything for the sake of their beloved homeland. In return, it is responsibility of the state to take care of their patriotic veterans and support them under all circumstances.

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