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The Nursing System and Education in Canada

As you apply for nursing programs in Canada, it is essential to learn both similarities and differences according to the provinces and the requirements. All Canadian territories require at least a Bachelor’s in Nursing, which may be either BN or BScN qualification. The majority of Nursing programs can be completed in two or four years. The only exception is Quebec where rules are different. All professionals that plan to work in Quebec are required to become a part of the “professional order” known as Ordre des infirmieres et infirmiéres du Québec, which marks a significant difference in the otherwise known system. There are a total of 45 professional orders where 23 of them represent the healthcare sector. These orders are in charge of permits delivery, admission examination, and scholarships among other things.

If you have a degree, your chances to get enrolled are much higher even though entrance requirements will always differ. The safest way would be to contact your provincial nursing association or school in question to ensure that you have what it takes. For those interested in global healthcare, it’s noteworthy that Canada is one of the countries in need of nurses. To become a registered nurse (RN), you must earn an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and complete the local NCLEX-RN exam. Remember that these days it can be both physical presence and online nursing programs for the basic entry.

Best Nursing Programs in Canada

According to the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, depending on the region, special requirements may be necessary, including test essay writing, personal statement, and other details that are typical for relevant Canadian provinces. Below are some of the best nursing schools in Canada to consider:

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Programs in Canada

Let’s not forget about nursing students in Newfoundland and Labrador because their College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador accepts nursing students and focuses on the local specifics and diversity to make access to education equal for everyone!

Moving further to Nursing programs in Ontario, LPNs are known as “Registered Practical Nurses” locally, which is important to remember as you fill in your entry documents at the College of Nurses of Ontario.

  • Prince Edward Island offers Holland College for Nursing and Biology students, which is an affordable option to consider.
  • Students coming from Quebec, as has already been mentioned, should start with Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec as there is no other way.
  • If you are living in Saskatchewan province, consider Saskatchewan Polytechnic and their accredited LPN courses as the best solution.
  • Learners in Yukon should turn to one of the best universities called Yukon College, which also offers nursing courses in several native languages.

Registered Nurse (RN) Programs in Canada

Those learners in Canada applying for RN accreditation have the following options:

Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) Programs in Canada

Unfortunately, these are not so common due to learning specifics and several nursing additions (accelerated associated degree in nursing or additional modules) that deal with Psychology, Pharmacology, and Psychiatric education among other things. Still, the best RPN programs in Canada are:

These are one of the best programs to study Nursing in Canada both for the locals and foreign students or recent immigrants as well.

Best Nursing Colleges in Canada

Speaking of the best nursing schools in Canada, these five institutions are worth checking:

  1. The University of Toronto. It offers an amazing Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, a  two-year BScN program, and intensive care training. It has a graduation rate of 96.2%.
  2. The University of Alberta. It has the Red Deer College program (BScN) and Grande Prairie Regional College program, which is four-year-long. It also offers a unique collaborative Clinical Learning Unit.
  3. McMaster University. One of the oldest nursing schools in the country, which is a good option for post-diploma RPN learning and practical nursing. It offers five learning streams (2-year nursing programs) for those who have already earned their RPN diploma.
  4. The University of Arabic Columbia. If you are after AI-based medical tools and innovations in learning methods, look no further!
  5. McGill University. Their nursing course is one of the most unique as it also offers a full range of hospital and community training with foreign exchange programs for the final year of the program.

Learning About Admission Rules

Although it will differ for each college, if you are going for an after-degree program, it is necessary to have a baccalaureate degree from a recognized academic institution. The admission GPA or AGPA level should be at least 3.0 or equivalent.

In addition to that, the University of Alberta and many others will require completion of the Casper Testing (situational judgement). Good skills in English (for those who plan to study nursing in Canada), Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Medical Microbiology, Psychology, and Statistics are always necessary.

Turning to Mount Royal University, we see that an applicant must show a minimum of 70% that is calculated on the four required Grade 12 courses. As always, contact your academic advisor and the nursing school in question to learn about their specific entry requirements. Likewise, if you need help with nursing assignments, it is best to contact trained experts online and receive immediate assistance.

Top 5 Popular Nursing Scholarships in Canada

  1. A.J. Baumgart Outstanding Achievement Awards (Queen’s University). This award is given for extracurricular activities.
  2. A.L. Kerr Nursing Scholarship (University of Manitoba). Financial aid based on academic merits and family challenges.
  3. Aberdeen Medical Centre Award (Thompson Rivers University). It is based on your academic merits and a promise to work in the related region, supported by the university.
  4. Claire Kramer Award In Nursing Scholarship (University of Saskatchewan). It is awarded for clinical work contributions and research work in accelerated nursing programs.
  5. Alexandra Hirth Award for Excellence in Nursing Research (Dalhousie University). It is meant for those students who are engaged in clinical research.

Remember that you can always look up other scholarships that may be available at your college or seek something based on your unique skills, financial situation, learning challenges, personal merits, and ethnicity.

Research Takes Time!

Take your time to research nursing programs in Canada, read about the entry requirements, apply for scholarships, brainstorm various nursing topics, and do not hurry as you write a personal statement letter. Always give it your best and stay sincere because nursing is about service to people. Thankfully, the Canadian government offers a plethora of great opportunities worth exploring both for the local and the foreign students since there are nursing colleges in Canada for international students like the famous College of Nurses in Ontario!

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