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What Does MBA Stand For or Why Does It Matter?

While we hear the “MBA” term almost daily as soon as we seek good college degrees, think about career options, or just talk to friends, not many people know what an MBA really stands for and how exactly it can enhance your career. In simple terms, it means a Master of Business Administration, which is a basic business degree graduation course that aims to assist students in learning more about technical, managerial, and strong leadership skills. Once you earn an MBA, you have a great chance of starting a good career almost in any business, expand your professional network, and cooperate with specialists in numerous fields of science. It does not matter if you would like to work for NASA or become an entrepreneur, sharing your MBA degree is a safe path towards success, a good income, and international recognition.

Of course, quite a lot will depend on your chosen curriculum since MBA courses vary from college to college and may include even several online options like EMBA, which stands for the executive addition. You should consider your initial experience level, which means that you can choose online courses if you already have some background or opt for in-person tutoring if you are a total beginner. Since the MBA covers a variety of important business principles, remember to choose your focus, which can be accounting, marketing, economics, finances, advertisement, social media work, leadership, and more.

The Types of MBA Degrees

Accelerated MBA Degree. These are mostly taken online and represent an ideal fit for those students who are ready to work hard to complete things in a faster way. It does not stand for anything simpler! On the contrary, such degree types are very intense and feature lots of coursework writing and complex internship experiences. However, you can graduate in 10 to 15 months. Dual MBA Program. It is aimed at those students who would like to start a business career in a particular industry. For example, you plan to work in the IT sector. It means that you can choose a dual program where you will start with a primary degree in Computer Science and proceed with a degree in Business Administration as an addition.
Executive MBA. It is designed for students who do not have much time or those who already work in some industry. Such degrees are mostly offered part-time, which means that it may take one longer to complete, yet represents a great way to continue with a degree by taking advantage of increased flexibility. A great choice for student parents or those Masters of Business Administration students who are working part-time. Online MBA Courses. It is only required to submit your GMAT scores. Of course, some MBA courses do not require any GMAT examination, which is why it usually fits for those who would like to receive an additional certification or try their skills by learning the MBA basics.


Finally, we have various Veteran-friendly MBA programs that are aimed at military students making a challenging transition into civilian life. Consider learning about the Yellow Ribbon Program for more information.

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7 Best MBA Programs for 2023

  1. Concordia University. A Christian values Liberal Arts institution that prepares strong business leaders with a global outlook. It offers hybrid studying options that mix online and in-person tutoring, which makes it quite convenient. It teaches ethics, critical thinking, social responsibility, human relations, and also offers dual specialization degrees.
  2. Trine University. It offers both online and offline courses that consist of 30 credits. It starts with a great Strategic Management aspect, which is quite helpful for project management and a clearer understanding of modern business ethics. It also offers a unique Capstone course that starts every eight weeks.
  3. Arizona State University. It offers both online degrees and certificates. This 49-credit degree takes 24 months and includes both intensive and flexible options. You can learn about global market strategies, project management, international financing, and more. A great benefit is that ASU offers assistance for in-state and out-of-state learners alike.
  4. Maryville University. It offers more than 90 business degree MBA options, which means that you can choose anything from strategic sourcing to legal environment business spheres. You also have over twelve various concentrations to focus on. You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  5. The Wharton University of Pennsylvania. It offers a great MBA degree course that is led with international relations and Political Sciences in mind. If you would like to study Journalism, Politics, or go internationally, do not miss this particular option.
  6. Kellogg Northwest University. This school of management focuses on the Master of Business Administration in Healthcare, the work of various NGOs, and non-commercial sectors. It requires strong ethics and suits for students who want to engage in social and community work.
  7. Haas Business School, Berkeley. One of the best MBA degree choices for entrepreneurs and those who would like to study Music, Theater, Cinema, or Media Studies.

Explore MBA Scholarships to Make Things Better

NYU Stern School of Business. The deadline for this scholarship varies, yet it offers full funding for students enrolled in Business Administration studies. It is open to all nationalities, meaning that any international exchange student can apply as well.

SMU Cox Distinguished MBA Scholarship. You can win up to $7,000 by writing an essay about how you would apply your business knowledge to change the world. It only covers tuition fees. Deadline: June 1, 2021.

Adelphi University Global MBA Scholarship. It offers partial funding of up to $8,000 to MBA students who are successful, yet require additional funding and assistance due to their financial state, large family, or belonging to charity and community workers.

BAU International Scholarship. It is aimed at MBA students who also focus on Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Finances, and Global Affairs. It covers only tuition fees and offers up to $10,000. Deadline: 1 November 2021.

Privateer Graduate Award. This scholarship award of $5,000 is given to MBA graduates who would like to focus on Computer Science, Physics, or Civil Engineering. Other nationalities (except the U.S. applicants) can win as well. The deadline varies.

Onsi Sawiris Masters Scholarships. If you would like to receive your MBA Master’s degree online and work in the Middle East in the future, think about this scholarship. Deadline: 1 June 2021.

The Jobs You Can Get With an MBA Degree & Median Salary

Consider these best jobs for MBA grads with the median salary information (from high to low ranking), which can only be achieved with a respective MBA degree.

  1. Medical Director. Median salary: $207,500. It is a reason why almost every business school offers healthcare administration and business management programs. One of the most in-demand professions related to MBA.
  2. Chief Marketing Director. Median salary: $173,900. It deals with international and domestic marketing, social media, online projects, and numerous fields related to marketing processing and management.
  3. Chief Technology Officer. Median salary: $161,000. It is one of those MBA jobs that many students consider since it relates to Data Management, Computer Engineering, mobile apps development, and more.
  4. Chief Executive Officer. Median salary: $156,000. Organizational leadership and strategic management are the main skills here. Such specialists are usually hired by international corporations to keep executive operations in control.
  5. Sales Director. Median salary: $100,500. Although it mostly focuses on commercial, economic, and financial aspects, sales directors must be professional in supply chain management and logistics as well.
  6. Investment Banker. Median salary: $100,500. If your profile is the management of investments and banking risks, it is a good job position to consider. It always pays well and provides a stable income even in small American cities.
  7. Finance Manager. Median salary: $91,500. It deals with every aspect of financial management and focuses on the accounting aspects of an MBA degree.
  8. Human Resources Director. Median Salary: $88,500. This is where most social MBA degrees come into play. In addition to human resource management, it also focuses on leadership and business ethics.
  9. Compensation & Benefits Manager. Median salary: $88,500. It also deals with HRM, yet does it in terms of compensation, legal disputes, and international negotiations.
  10. Marketing Director. Median salary: $88,000.  Speaking of jobs you can get with an MBA, both domestic and international marketing specialists are always in demand, which is why this option may be considered by MBA graduates with a specialization in a certain field.

Why Choose The Online MBA Program?

Considering that most people these days are busy or belong to working parents, earning your MBA degree has never been easier since you can always do so online. Make sure that you contact colleges or universities of your choice and ask them about distant learning options. Regardless if you are already a student, you can apply for a second specialization that will not take too much time and funds. For those who are already studying, we have created an online MBA assignment help, where they can find support with their tasks and questions. Most likely, you will find affordable and flexible options that will make it possible to earn your MBA degree and improve your chances of securing one of the great jobs for MBA graduates.

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