Essay Format – Writing It With a Perfection

Essay formatting is really important if you want to top the list of favourite students by your teacher. Often students overlook this matter and take it as an unimportant thing which leads them to deduction of marks. The popular styles of MLA and APA help to organize your paper in a neat and tidy way. We have formulated rules on how to format an essay and luckily they are pretty simple.

Now a question arises that what is essay format? The answer is below:

An essay writing format is a specific design which includes certain guidelines to make your paper neatly arranged. It includes:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • In-text Citations

Proper Paper Format To Follow

The format makes the paper beautiful and tidy. You need a title page, headings, fonts, margins, a body of an essay, conclusion, proper in-text citations, and references. Given below is a step-by-step guide on to format for an essay from our writing essay service.

A Title Page:

  • Should be center aligned.
  • Use font Times New Roman and font size 12.
  • Write the title of your paper.
  • Write your name.
  • Write the name of your institution.

The Five-paragraph Structure

When you learn how to compose a five-paragraph essay that consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion, there will be no difficulty in writing an essay. Have a look at these:


This is the most important and critical part of your paper because here you engage your readers. If the introductory part is not interesting, readers will leave reading your paper immediately. So, you need a strong opening paragraph that binds a reader until the very end. A key to success is using simple vocabulary and common English words. The motive of the introduction is to tell a reader what they will be going to learn from the essay. The short lines about what will be in the upcoming paragraphs and what they will get to read.

Following is an example of how to write introductory lines that catch the reader’s attention instantly:

“Conclusion is the final step of a paper which is combining all your thoughts in a nutshell. Follow our rules and tricks to help you write an engaging conclusion”.

The Body Of An Essay

First Paragraph

The first paragraph is the one where you state the ideology of your paper. Here you discuss the introductory part once again by linking it to the main theme of the essay or you can just ask someone to write my essay in the United States. Open a first paragraph of the body from where you have closed an introduction. Discuss the main outline of an essay. But make sure, to be coherent. The important points are:

  • The transition between paragraphs should be smooth and flowy.
  • This should be relevant to the topic discussed briefly in the introductory paragraph.
  • Close it and move on to the other one.
  • Strong points will give an instant reaction from the reader and hook them till the end.
  • Remember, precision and consistency.

Second Paragraph:

In this paragraph, you write your second strongest argument or opinion. Using cause and effect phrases like therefore, thus, accordingly etc. in the paragraph enhance the flow of ideas and organization of a whole essay. The main points of this paragraph are:

  • Do not overlook the points you have mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  • Maintain the flow.
  • State your next strong point related to the topic.
  • Use the term ‘because’ to make your shared facts relevant.
  • Keep a grip on transition.

Third Paragraph:

Pretty much follow the same process as in the previous paragraphs. Here you must take into consideration the following:

  • Aim at least three paragraphs
  • It should relate to the main idea of the paper or thesis.
  • Carry on with the message or theme you have discussed before in a more persuasive tone.
  • State another fact or example to make your writing strong.

Closing Paragraph

This paragraph is like the other with one small difference. It tells a reader that you have finished your argumentative tone and now you are going to a conclusion. All the facts and opinions you stated have come to an end. It will automatically tell a reader that you have justified enough your argument and now you want its concluding part.


In this step, all your hard work will make a proper shape. It is considered as the reflection and summary of your whole paper or an interview. Remember,

  • Do not raise any new point in conclusion.
  • Combine all your points in a nutshell.
  • A mention of the statement you discussed in the introduction.
  • A concluding tone that shows that you have finished with transitions like overall, in short, to sum up, etc.


Writing an essay format is incomplete without stating in-text citations. When you have used work in your paper or thesis, you have to give proper credits to the authors. List all your references in alphabetical order. Material that you have taken from the web or lectures must be cited differently. Place the last name of an author followed by his initial. Place the title of the book then the publishing year.

Have a look at the MLA format essay sample for the format. As there is a number of ways to cite the references now. Moreover, you can take advantage of our essay format or case study format examples to help you out.

Tricks For Writing and Conducting Research

Here are a few writing tips to help you out in the writing process:

  1. Read More: Reading always helps. Make a habit of reading to know more about every topic.
  2. Don’t be late: If you wait for the last day to write, the quality of your writing will suffer.
  3. Proofread: Always try to read the work you have to submit whether it be a poem or a thesis.
  4. Make Points: Note down all the key points in a notebook.

Get Started And Good Luck!

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