200 Finance Assignment Topics to Research

Finance Assignment Topics

When you are asked to find competitive finance assignment topics, it is essential to understand the main purpose and do your best to narrow things down without ruining the final outcome. In the majority of cases, financial studies will be related to individual cases or those explorations that are related to organizations and groups. You may be addressing specific financial needs or evaluating the pros and cons of the financial sector based on relevant operations, limitations, or regulations that are applied under the country’s legislation. Regardless if your work relates to risk management or international business assets, your topic must reflect your main objectives and meet the grading rubric requirements.

Another important concern to consider is the nature of your financial essay. It means that you may be composing a personal finance assignment as a reflective paper or doing it as a professional report. The structure of your writing will differ, so you may have to use different wording and adjust your subject a little bit to fit the essay type. As you choose your topic, start by exploring your subject and see whether you can support the main claims with the sources and include keywords from your thesis statement.

Who needs to write finance assignments?

Finance assignments are typically required for students pursuing a degree in finance or a related field. However, students in other disciplines may also be required to write finance assignments as part of their coursework.

Types of finance assignments can include research topics such as investment analysis, portfolio management, financial statement analysis, and corporate finance.

Basic areas for finance assignments

  • Investment Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Risk Management
  • International Finance
  • Derivatives
  • Financial Modeling
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Financial Planning and Control
  • Investment management
  • Financial markets
  • Financial institutions
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Real estate

Inspiring Finance Assignment Topics

Here is the rundown of the popular financial topics divided by sub-disciplines that are popular among college students. We have chosen several ideas that will give you the basic knowledge and provide you with an inspiring start as you brainstorm the possible choices.

Interest Rates and Spreads. 

The work with the interest rates will relate to the foreign and national exchange processes and banking. The work with the spreads will be efficient for accounting majors and investors. Here are some ideas for your finance assignment in this regard:

  1. Interest rate charging by American vs European banks.
  2. Work with the private sector customers.
  3. Commercial vs national banks in the United States.
  4. Deposit savings during the Covid-19 outbreak.
  5. Compatibility of the interest rates in 2022 and 2020 in the United States.
  6. Creditworthiness and the individual credit score of an individual.
  7. The importance of the loan-to-value ratio.
  8. The analysis of the debt-to-income in the private sector.
  9. The major differences between the bank spread and the interest rates.
  10. Calculation of the interest rate percentage with AI-based tools.

Work With Dividends.

The topics in this area are related to investments and the study of the short-term and long-term financial processes as specific operations are being taken.

  1. The techniques to receive high returns on financial investments.
  2. The typical dividend payment policies in the United States.
  3. Changes in payment of the dividends in the United Kingdom in 2022.
  4. Cash dividend vs Stock dividend.
  5. Analysis of the Hybrid dividend in the private sector.
  6. Real estate studies through the lens of property dividend scenarios.
  7. How to choose the correct dividend policy between stable, constant, and residual methods.
  8. Restructuring of the company’s financial health with the dividends.
  9. The pros and cons of the scrip dividends.
  10. Work with the liquidating dividend in the EU countries.

The Challenges of Cash Flow Statement. 

Balance sheet and income flow relate here as the financial evaluation and strategic thinking take place in this branch of financial studies. These will always differ, depending on the country that you are planning to research. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Operating activities with the cash flow movements in the USA.
  2. Preparation for investing activities: financial methodologies.
  3. Financing activities through the lens of estimation.
  4. Cash-flow statement versus income statement.
  5. The presence of Bitcoin payments as the cash flow example.
  6. Data Aggregation software and financial cash flow risks.
  7. The role of accounting for the hard money scenarios.
  8. The benefits of short-term investments in Canada.
  9. Commercial papers versus hard cash flow.
  10. Negotiation of the quick payment terms and unnecessary spending rules.

Cost of Capital Studies. 

The cost of capital is one of the most challenging areas, yet you may apply the famous WACC formula and approach the temporal studies as you work on your choice of topic to narrow things down.

  1. The risks related to liquidity and estimated costs of typical equity capital.
  2. Privacy concerns based on access to information of the third-party agents.
  3. International cooperation and the presented cost of capital.
  4. Dealing with market uncertainty in 2022.
  5. Voluntary versus legal order disclosure of financial information.
  6. The pros and cons of the paid help by the financial grants (government funding).
  7. Empirical research methods related to cost estimation.
  8. The risks of the momentum strategies and the impulse investment choices.
  9. Analysis of cost reduction based on the Microsoft Corporation social projects.
  10. The determinants of the capital structure in the United States.

Creation of Financial Value. 

This area requires estimation and clever analysis. Such topics may include presentations and work with famous case study scenarios. The purpose is to estimate, create, and explain the financial value of specific assets or an endeavor before all the involved parties agree on the methods. Here are the financial value topics you must consider

  1. The most efficient methods of creation and definition of financial value.
  2. Psychological aspect of dealing with the stakeholders online.
  3. The purposes and strategies: the difference between the concepts at play.
  4. Meeting the financial deadline when estimating the value in progress.
  5. Transformation of available resources into financial value assets.
  6. The risks of an investment in capital goods.
  7. The importance of intellectual property products and copyright matters.
  8. Online conferencing as a form of financial persuasion.
  9. Management of the value exchange in 2022.
  10. Customer feedback and the mental determinants of the financial value.

Behavioral Finances. 

Here is where you have to study the behavioral patterns of the customers, competitors, and financial organizations. It is usually approached as the “tracking” process where you have to make comparisons and evaluate the possible outcomes. Dealing with the behavioral finances, consider these psychology-driven topics:

  1. The role of psychological bias when dealing with financial investments.
  2. Allocation of financial assets online: the pros and cons of not being there in person.
  3. Working with foreign analysts and their recommendations.
  4. How to avoid corporate failure and the impact of the impulse.
  5. The challenges of analysis of the stock market among beginners.
  6. The importance of self-control when dealing with investors.
  7. Ignoring personal interests when making decisions that suit all parties.
  8. Personal bias and going against the facts.
  9. Commercial presentations as the financial influence on investors.
  10. Human emotions factor and short-term financial investments.

International Finance Studies. 

If you are working on a business finance assignment, the chances are high that you may approach the global sphere and address international finances. These may include investments, international banking, and financial support for third-world countries.

  1. The changes that have taken place in the international financial market.
  2. Determination of the digital exchange rate.
  3. Purchasing power of third-world countries.
  4. Negative effects of financial globalization and the cultural factor.
  5. International risk management methodologies as a way to attract investors.
  6. American depository receipts: what are the risks at play?
  7. Exchange-traded funds: things we must know first.
  8. Evaluation and strategic analysis when studying the foreign market.
  9. The role of the Ukrainian conflict in the stagnation of global financial markets.
  10. The benefits of mutual funds for an educational organization.


As the name implies, we are dealing with financial ownership matters and the stock

markets. You may address management of financial assets and the personal factor value among other things. Addressing the needs of shareholders is one of the most important tasks that a financial student has to accomplish, which is why you must think twice as you choose the correct wording for your topic:

  1. The distribution of shareholder rights in the financial institution.
  2. The role of the preference shareholder specialists.
  3. Working with the debenture holders: the role of financial estimation.
  4. The risks related to the equity shareholders.
  5. Ordinary versus non-voting financial shares.
  6. Reclaims and the redeemable shares in the United Kingdom vs the USA.
  7. Financial management of the company: innovative methods and strategies.
  8. Corporate exchange and the investment model in the institution vs organization.
  9. Profit generation rules: how much control does a shareholder have?
  10. Shareholder’s role in the financial security of the foreign company.

Risks and Returns. 

While this topic mostly relates to risk management and an estimation of the financial value that one estimates in the end, it is not only used by students majoring in Finance but also by those studying Data Science and MBA disciplines. Here are some concepts that you may consider as you work on your finance assignment based on risks and returns:

  1. Analysis of risks and returns in investing processes.
  2. Project-specific risks versus global investment programs.
  3. How to determine low-risk investments online?
  4. The pros and cons of the lower returns when estimating the risks.
  5. Preliminary studies and industry-specific risks.
  6. Dealing with the competition in financial markets.
  7. How to build a solid investment plan based on online resources?
  8. Volatility and estimation of the future market risks.
  9. Company-specific risks and the human factor as a threat to investing.
  10. The pros and cons of the individual stocks based on Bitcoin operations.

Work With Financial Statements. 

These may include anything from corporate finance management to small business matters. Starting with a financial sheet analysis to work with the relevant software, many college students choose related topics that speak of the challenges encountered with financial statements. Here are some bright ideas that you may consider for inspiration:

  1. Creation of a multilingual balance sheet.
  2. Determining what a company owns by setting a fixed time stamp point.
  3. Digital income statements versus hard-copy statements issued by the hired accountant.
  4. The role of outsourcing specialists when dealing with the shareholder’s equity statements.
  5. Capital budgeting risks and additional financial services.
  6. Dealing with the revenues and estimation of financial risks.
  7. Data distribution to owners and determination of the income value.
  8. Changes to the Financial Accounting Standards Board in 2022.
  9. The role of the comprehensive income when dealing with the gains.
  10. Creation of the Financial Performance Statement and the P&L calculation.

No matter what topic you are planning to choose, remember that you will have to alternate between personal, corporate, and public (government) types of financial work. It will help you to set the scene and ensure that you avoid touching upon those areas that are not related to your primary course of financial exploration.

Public finance assignment topics

Deep research public finance assignment topics

 Topics on finance management

Topics for international finance assignment

Historical finance assignment topics

Finance historical events in the world

How to Choose a Topic For Finance Assignment

The topic must represent something that inspires you and a set of rules and problems that you can support with a strong methodology. If your finance assignment topic stands for a claim, it is much safer to start with an argumentative essay subject where you reflect on the general idea of your studies. Choosing topics for assignment, you may already have a writing prompt, which can make things easier or even more complex. The trick here is to make a reflection on your main academic course, so you can base your work on the concepts and subjects that you already know well.

Sometimes it’s extremely challenging to come up with a good topic or find out what an already provided subject means. Things can get even worse when you must start with an interdisciplinary approach to your financial studies and include concepts from a finance-related topic. If you’re feeling lost and require professional assistance with your assignment, consider our helpful finance assignment help service online website. Our trained experts will provide you with the topic selection issues, work on each section of your paper, will show you how to eliminate plagiarism, and assist with the final editing and proofreading stages.

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