How to Write an MLA Research Paper on Stories of Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created an immortal character of the outstanding inscrutable detective Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock’s birth in literature is dated by 1887, but he still remains popular. Many modern American college and university studies are devoted to the theme of the fabulous detective stories.

Today’s requirements in writing are stricter than ever. So before starting your exploration, learn how to write an MLA research paper on the stories of Sherlock Holmes.

MLA is the Modern Language Association with headquarters in New York. This organization establishes requirements to texts of research papers, including citation rules. What is MLA format like? Explorers should identify quotations that are used in works. They must refer to authors. References throughout the work point to an alphabetical list of cited sources, which can be found at the end of the work. Readers can turn to any source and read more on the issue if needed.

8 Positions of Writing a Sherlock Holmes Research Papers

Coming back to the question “How to write an MLA research paper on Sherlock Holmes?”, we give here an algorithm, that might help students and postgraduate students succeed in writing papers worthy of appreciation.

Remember to make 8 obligatory steps:

  1. Figure out an outline of your work. Think upon a plan.
  2. Make an introduction. To start well, find the main idea of the paper, which should express an innovative approach to the topic. Your study must sound in a new unique way, that is not similar to other essays on Sherlock Holmes. Food for thought: you might investigate distinguishing features of the original book about Sherlock Holmes and a popular TV series “Sherlock” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.
  3. Set purposes and tasks. Write a Sherlock Holmes research paper for people. Ideally, they should bring benefits and interests to society. Try to retrieve helpful non-trivial information.
  4. Conduct a study. Depending on the chosen topic, examine the book and characters. Learn about the results that other investigators have got.
  5. Define the main body and conclusions. Describe your own study progress and the conclusions you have come to.
  6. Create a list of cited sources. Make a list of used resources. Each excerpt in the text must have a link to its author.
  7. Use appendixes. Illustrate your analysis with appendixes that may contain some figures, graphics, photos, etc. Visualization helps make text readable.
  8. Proofread. This step is more significant than you may think. Always proofread the whole text because it can contain some grammar or logical mistakes. Make sure that the MLA format is maintained.

Now you know how to write a research paper on Sherlock Holmes, or at least, how to start writing a Sherlock Holmes research paper.

As any investigation demands time and patience, do not waste your precious time! Go ahead having in mind these 8 steps. They will help follow the logical threat of the paper.

Use an MLA citation generator to create a bibliography faster.

MLA-Friendly Writing for Freshmen

The eighth position in the previous list may cause confusion. If you still doubt that you understand how to write an MLA research paper on the stories of Sherlock Holmes, read our tips. These are basic rules for freshmen in MLA-friendly writing.

  • A title page – is not necessary.
  • Font, style, and spacing – MLA format is correct if your text is written in Times New Roman font of 12pt. Leave double spaces between text lines and one space after punctuation marks.
  • Page layout – Set all page margins at 1 inch.
  • Tab key – Use this key to point out a new paragraph. Pressing it, you make five or eight spaces at once. It makes your text easier to view in general.
  • The Works Cited List – Explorers must add the list of used literature, web sources, other explorations. It should go at the end of the whole work. The rule is that when you use someone’s quotes, please, refer to the author. Otherwise, you will be suspected in plagiarism.
  • Citation – Citations can be divided into several conditional parts, which go in a certain order. Name the author first (put his last name and then the first name or names). Identify the title of the book and its container (the title of a separate story from the book) in italics. After that point the copyright, publication date, and cited pages. Capitalizing articles or prepositions is incorrect, except for cases when they take the initial position in the sentence.

What if American Students Write Research Papers, not in MLA Format?

Write a Sherlock Holmes research paper in a proper format from the very beginning. Due to the correct writing style, you will complete your paper faster, and your final proofreading will take not much time. This conclusion was drawn on the basis of long-time practice.

If you are looking for some ways how to write a research paper about Sherlock Holmes stories in a free style, just forget about that. Academic essays and studies without the MLA do not exist in the modern English-speaking world. Today’s academic the United States is not an exception.

As the MLA requirements are too complicated, you may turn to credible essay writing services. Professionals will perform your assignment quickly and at a high-quality level.

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