How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

How to Write an Introduction for a research paper

A research essay introduction is one of the most important parts of a project, although it is often one of the places students put the least time and effort. Although other sections of a scholarly paper, such as hypothesis and research methods, are vital, a less obvious yet essential part is the intro. When first starting to write your research paper, take time to write a superior introduction using the tips below to set yourself apart from the others.

What is the Introduction in a Research Paper?

The introduction is a key element in the paper, for many reasons. As the first section of a project, the intro explains a research topic well. It also offers the writer an opportunity to grab a reader’s attention and earn their trust so that they continue through sections that follow it and believe in the research. By gaining credibility through lines introducing the topic, student essay writing has the potential to gain support for their work, a good mark in the class, or another goal.

Furthermore, the beginning section will outline the benefits of a paper and sets a reader up for what will come in the next pages. Without a proper introduction, a reader might question or struggle to understand concepts from the beginning or stop reading. Unfortunately, those problems can lower the paper’s overall quality. That’s why our research paper help service exists, we try to provide help with such problems for our customers.

Best Ways to Come Up with a Sound Opening Paragraph

Rather than worry about how to start your paper, follow these specific points. Firstly, before you even begin writing a research report introduction, ensure that you know your topic well, have done a thorough literature review, research is complete, and conclusions are drawn. As a perfect introduction touches on all of these things, it’s important to have that work done before sitting down to write it.

Now, it’s time to type on a computer or write by hand the report’s intro, depending on which method you prefer. As you craft an opening paragraph, be aware that you’re setting the tone for the entire report. While it is academic, it need not be dull or overly detailed. But it also must not give personal opinions using a term like “heartbreaking” or “sad.” Instead, use an objective writing voice that makes for a professional tone.

How to Structure an Introduction for a Research Paper

A structure for a sound opening paragraph is as follows, in this same order:

  1. Hook sentence
  2. Background research overview
  3. Strong thesis statement

A hook sentence at the very start of a report captures the attention of the reader. It’s this “hook” that keeps a person reading past the introduction or not reading any longer. Put in an effort to craft an excellent sentence that draws the reader in as you likely have a lot invested in this project.

After a hook sentence is an overview of the research background. Essentially, you are explaining what has been done in the topic area, which you will describe in more detail later in the paper. This way the reader won’t have a surprise later with a section that they’re not expecting to read.

Lastly in an introductory paragraph is the thesis statement. It is essential because the thesis is the basis for the entire paper. It is the main point of your report or what you will argue, summed up in 1-2 sentences.

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What to Include in the Introduction of Research Paper Writing + Examples

Next, in this guide are useful tips and examples of those three sections of the introduction. Let’s start with a hook sentence. It can be interesting or shocking to the reader. While some hooks are funny, that humorous tone doesn’t fit with a science paper that you want to be taken seriously so avoid using a joke as your opening sentence.

Different Kinds of Hook Sentences

  • Five popular types of hook sentences are:
  • Statistics or numbers – Approximately 28% of grade 6-12 students in the U.S. have been bullied.
  • Common misconceptions – When earthworms are cut, the frequent expectation is that two small worms will result. However, that’s not completely accurate.
  • Quotes from famous people – Albert Einstein said, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind.”
  • Questions – Is a lower household income more likely to result in divorce than a higher income?
  • Interesting facts – An average job opening gets 250 resumes.

Choose which hook sentence will capture the reader’s eye and ensure a topic relates to your research paper writing introduction. For example, an interesting fact hook listed above would be a terrific start to a report on which resume template is the most effective for millennial job seekers. But it would not fit with a report on planets at all.

Please note that if you cannot contain your hook in a single sentence, then it’s fine to make it two sentences. The main thing is to draw in a person reading it, so if one sentence doesn’t suffice then make it two.

General Background Sentence

After a hook, summarize the scientific background info you have collected in a sentence or two. For instance, if you began with the Albert Einstein quote above, you might then write, “But creativity may not be conducive with quiet, as most people expect. As previous research shows, a busy life can correlate with a strong imagination.”

This example is effective because the reader anticipates you will discuss this research later in a paper. They now are curious to learn more and, therefore, will keep reading.

Thesis: The Final Part of the Report Introduction

A third element is the thesis statement. As earlier explained, it is an argument or what you intend to prove in your paper.
Continuing with the Albert Einstein example, a good thesis is, “My study proves that the busier the lifestyle, the more creative the person, on average.” It states your position on the main topic; it is your idea that you intend to prove in the coming report sections.

Putting it all together, here is a sample of a sound opening paragraph:

Albert Einstein said, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind. But creativity may not be conducive with quiet, as most people expect. As previous research shows, a busy life can correlate with a strong imagination. My study proves that the busier the lifestyle, the more creative the person, on average.”

Creating a Powerful Research Paper Introduction: Smart Student’s Tips

When writing a paper, here are a few more things to help you:

  • Write an introduction after the rest of the paper. While this might seem strange, it’s helpful to have clear ideas of what your proposal is and the main points to include in the intro; that’s easier to do after you’ve written the body.
  • Don’t make an introduction so long that you lose the reader’s attention. Give them the main points as described above and avoid run-on sentences.
  • Link the sentences together so that they flow smoothly.
  • Keep the same tone in the introduction as the rest of the article.

While writing a great intro for a research project is hard work, it doesn’t have to be boring. Make your report about a subject that interests you and you’re more likely to enjoy the process. Lastly, as with most things, the more you practice how to write an introduction in the research paper, the easier it’ll become over time. Also, you can get some ideas for your business research paper topics in our blog section.

Do you need help with a project? Let us know; we’re here to help!

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