Women & financial wellness: beyond the bottom line

Women have been driving change in the labor market, the workplace, and the home. But there are still key opportunities for continued growth.

41% of women wish they had invested more of their money.

How wide is the earnings gap?

When looking at key stages of life like parenting and caregiving, women are far likelier to take time off from their jobs than men. How does that translate financially?

How confident are women about investing?

While women’s confidence in other financial matters is equal to or greater than men’s, investing is an opportunity for many women to expand their expertise and experience.

Where are women’s financial priorities centered?

Financial priorities are ultimately about individual needs and goals. It’s clear that women are seeking opportunities to link their investments to those priorities.

Your unique priorities need a personalized financial plan centered on your goals. Consider working with a financial professional to create that plan. We are here to help you take the first step.