Neat Apps For College Students That Make a Difference

best apps for college students

Why Do Students Need Apps for Education?

We all have our unique collection of mobile apps that seem to rock our boat and make us feel happy. You can safely compare it to some products in your fridge – some are great for a nice breakfast while the rest represents some snacks that you are used to! It works exactly the same way with college study apps – some people use basic Math calculators while others will turn to things like Grammarly. Regardless of your college course, even working with the flashcards that support user content can play a major difference in your success and peace of mind.

Top Study Apps For College Students

  1. Subtext. Imagine reading something with the subtext notes that already have embedded instructions and the list of questions or things that you have to learn. This application is free per se and the only payments you have to make is when you add books via a built-in eBook store or by turning to Google Books.
  2. Timed Test Arcade Math Game. It lets you use the Math facts with the timed simulator without all the woes of passing any Math tests. Turned into a game, this free app helps college students to get ready for various tests.
  3. Evernote. Any applications for students list would be incomplete without Evernote. This $7.99 app is unbeatable when you need to keep everything organized and in one place. Think about exam alerts, checklists, important links, audio recordings, lecture notes, scans, your community work schedule, and more. It has a free version as well with limited sync features.
  4. Scanner Pro. Ever thought about turning your iPhone or iPad into something other than a messaging tool? Do not worry about spending hours at the library to get ready for your next exam. Turn your device into a great scanner for only $3.99.
  5. Wolfram Alpha. This education app for iPad costs only $2.99. It might remind you of a cheats collection, yet it is fully legit and has all the answers in store. Regardless if you need to calculate something or check your History facts, this friendly app is great for any scientific research or anything that you need to check. Just enter your question and enjoy the immediate answer.
  6. XMind. An innovative app for college students that lets one brainstorm various ideas. One of the best solutions for journalists and those who cannot get past writer’s block. Paying only $9.99, you will get a set of ideas and suggestions to build up your productivity and sort information in a different way.
  7. Grammarly. If you have not heard about this tool before, you are missing out on quite a lot! Grammarly has both free and commercial versions, depending on your needs. It has a basic spell-checking feature and a full grammar check. It can help you correct your assignments and avoid typos in your correspondence with a college professor.
  8. Flashcard Machine. The flashcards student apps are nothing new, as you might think, yet imagine adding your custom quizzes or exam training cards. Even if you are learning a foreign language or want to get ready for your Engineering course, it is hard to beat!
  9. EasyBib. Here is another helpful app that assists in making your essay’s Bibliography flawless. Now available as an app, it lets you scan the book’s barcode or enter the ISBN to get things ready for your citation. You can save when you are in the library and use it later.
  10. Oxford Dictionary. This app works both for iPhone and Android platform, taking away the burden of browsing through the dictionary. Just enter some terms and have them ready right away for your definition essay.

Of course, some good apps for students are not only for studying, which is why we want to include at least 5 of them to enhance your college experience:

  1.  My Fitness Pal. You can control your eating habits, running in the park, or workouts with this great app. It even has the list of micronutrients that you have digested based on what foods you type in and a liquids-intake reminder. Stay fit with this amazing free solution!
  2. Mint. Do not get trapped in your budgeting problems. Install Mint free of charge and control the money you spend with the various suggestions and tools to help you stay aware of how much you have left. You can even share your financial plans with another college student using this app!
  3. Smartwatcher. Another important app that is quite popular among college students. Imagine walking back to campus late at night. Have no fear as you can connect with your friends and track down those who are close to you to keep things safe.
  4.  SoundNote. One of the most popular educational iPad apps. It is only $4.99 but it lets you capture your lectures as audio recorded with your voice-over notes that make things easier. You can even take pictures of the whiteboard, convert audio to text, save it in PDF, Ms Word, and export documents or audio to Google Drive.
  5. Steppingblocks. An innovative solution for college students that provides help with one’s future career choices. It has a list of skills that a person should have after graduation. You can follow your success. Both free and commercial versions for $12.99 are available.

Educational & Helpful iPad Apps for College Students

  1. Scribd. This community (now available as an app) lets you access one of the best online libraries. It stores millions of unique documents and books that will assist you through the college.
  2. SelfControl. It is one of those free student life help solutions that will help you survive through distractions. It blocks social media or gaming websites when you enable the “study mode”. It does so for a specified amount of time, which is helpful during the lecture or when you need to study something important.
  3. TED Talk App. One of the fun educational apps for iPad that lets you remain on top of things and make your college papers innovative. Just install it and have fun by learning from the best in the industry regardless of your subject.
  4. Chegg. A quite popular solution among college students. This free app lets you rent textbooks that you need, which is a great funds saver. If you no longer need some textbooks, just rent them via Chegg with the other students.
  5. Duolingo. If your course involves learning abroad or studying a foreign language, do not ignore this friendly app that lets you learn with the help of interactive tests and exercises. Most importantly, it is free and is also listed not only for Mac but among Android apps for students, too.
  6. Trello. One of the most efficient apps for college team projects. It lets you control who does what and stay aware of what parts of a group assignment have already been finished. Although $12.50 per month, some colleges offer it free of charge.
  7. Khan Academy. This app is a great addition for any college student. Some courses are free and can help you boost your brain with the help of additional instruction. It has anything from design and fashion to engineering and Data Management.
  8. GoConqr. It has both free and paid options that start from $0.84 per month. This app combines note-taking, mind maps, flashcards, course information, slides, and revision charts that will help you to succeed.
  9. Penultimate. You can use your handwriting by using a digital pen. It can also recognize your handwriting and convert your text to PDF or MS Word format. Available for iPhones and Macs.
  10. Coursera. While it is often ignored by college students, Coursera is one of those study apps for college that can support your initial studies with a flexible online course that won’t cost a fortune.

Remember that mobile device apps are meant to make your college life easier, which is why take time to try things out and choose what works best for you!

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