The Most Hated Black Friday Deals, According to Twitter

The Worst Black Friday Deals in 2022

Black Friday, low prices, and crowded stores. We associate the end of November with lots of shopping and tempting offers. But are all offers as tempting and fair as we used to think? AssignmentBro decided to find out which of our favorite Black Friday deals are the most disliked by customers and which retailers are the least popular among shoppers these days.

We used HiggingFace AI algorithm to calculate the amount of negative tweets about

Main Retailers

We started off with the biggest retailers on the market. These are exactly the places many of us find ourselves at, looking through every shelf with no clear checklist.

After analyzing more than 30 campaigns from the list of large retailers, we have compiled our top 10. Lowe’s was in first place with 37% of negative feedback about their Black Friday deals.

Retailer % of negative tweets
1. Lowe’s 37%
2. Target 33%
3. Amazon 31%
4. Wayfair 28%
5. Walmart 25%
6. Best Buy 24%
7. Macy’s 21%
8. Nordstrom 20%
9. The Home Depot 18%
10. Bed, Bath & Beyond 16%

Electronics and Technology

Many of these things can be bought in the stores listed above, but we wanted to take care of those who are specifically looking for gadgets and brand new phones and laptops.

Retailer % of negative tweets
1. Sony 41%
2. Whirlpool 39%
3. Dyson 31%
4. Google 30%
5. Nomad 28%
6. Samsung 28%
7. Sonos 24%
8. Eufy 21%
9. Casetify 20%
10. Lenovo 19%

Sony took first place, being ahead of their rival Lenovo by as much as 22% of negative reviews. Other ‘favorites’ include Whirlpool, Dyson, and even the giant Google. Maybe Black Friday isn’t such a good time to shop for tech?

Home and Furniture

Is there a better time to buy yourself such a desired decoration for Christmas or just update your living room with new furniture? Of course, Black Friday does not stand aside for large home retailers. But what is the best place to spend your November renovation budget?

Retailer % of negative tweets
1. Sundays 31%
2. Crate & Barrel 31%
3. Homebody 26%
4. Outer 25%
5. Houzz 22%
6. Castlery 22%
7. Lovesac 19%
8. Sixpenny 18%
9. Joybird 17%
10. Neighbor 17%

The first and most hated Black Friday deal place is shared by Sundays and Crate & Barrel. People seem to have a lot to say about their deals with over 31% negative tweets.

Fashion, Jewelry and Clothes

Of course, almost any Black Friday is accompanied by a wardrobe update for yourself or your loved ones. Buying new shoes or just freshening up your new look, it would be hard not to notice those who like to dress well and comfortably at the end of November in stores.

Retailer % of negative tweets
1. Harper Wilde 36%
2. Levi’s 34%
3. Toms 33%
4. Adidas 31%
5. Everlane 30%
6. Jambys 30%
6. Lacoste 28%
7. BaubleBar 27%
9. Studs 26%
10. Ugg 26%

A very close fight broke out between the clothing and fashion giants. The first place was taken by Harper Wilde, selling sleepwear and underwear. But even among other brands in the top 10, you can see that the gap here is quite small.

Beauty and Skin Care

Another one of the overpopular categories of purchases during discounts. Cosmetics, shampoos, personal care products and many other things that help us to be more beautiful. But which retailers profit the most from this desire of ours by providing not-so-nice discounts on Black Friday?

Retailer % of negative tweets
1. Merit Beauty 36%
2. Heyday 34%
3. Coco & Eve 30%
4. Skinfix 28%
5. Dossier 27%
6. Kitsch 25%
7. Tatcha 24%
8. Innisfree 19%
9. Peace Out 18%
10. Jinsoon 18%

Beauty comes at a price. The most unpleasant offers for Twitter users were Merit Beauty with 36% of negative reviews and Heyday with 34% respectively.


To find out which deals are the most hated, we searched for tweets containing each retailer’s name mentioned with “black friday” in any part of the tweet (for example, “Amazon black friday”). We included tweets from the time range of one week before and one week after the Black Friday for the past 3 years. It allowed us to analyze over 200,000 tweets.

We limited accounts to a maximum of one tweet per day to account for bots. Also, to ensure further variability, only up to a total of 10 tweets were considered from the same account. We analyzed each tweet sentiment using the HuggingFace AI algorithm. A tweet was considered negative if its probability of being negative was higher than 50%. We calculated the percentage of negative tweets for each retailer to make the final list of the most hated black Friday deals.

The data was collected in November 2022.

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